7 Phenomenal Video Games Like Overwatch

Overwatch is a MONSTER when it comes to competitive FPS games. Released only 2 years ago it is crazy to see how quickly the game has gained immense popularity and that is achieved by continued support from developers and strong feedback from players. But if you are getting bored with Overwatch but still enjoy that gameplay then you might wanna play these 7 amazing games.


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Loadout isn’t some new breed of free-to-play, but it does a very entertaining job of balancing what you can play with when you can pay. Being a low level isn’t painfully boring, and gaining experience or good weapons doesn’t require real money. – PlayStation LifeStyle
I had some fun free-to-play battles with Loadout, but far more time was spent mired in frustration or feeling under-fulfilled with a purchased campaign victory; it’s not quite “pay to win,” but it definitely is “pay to win with a lot less hassle.” – IGN
The cartoon-style graphics and characters are charming, the fast-paced action and fluid combat exciting, and the ability to customize your weapons to such an extent is fantastic and sets it apart from other shooters. – Playstation Universe


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Brilliant design; a reward-happy, lighthearted multiplayer fray. One of the finest $15 shooters ever made. – PC Gamer
Even when we lost matches or got crappy kill/death ratios, we were still having fun, which can’t be said for a lot of shooters out there. And for PC players, you may just have the best version of the game. If you’re curious at all, don’t pass it up. – GamesRadar+
Clever combat mechanics and diverse soldier classes make this third-person shooter addictive and entertaining. – GameSpot



Crazy and wild, Gotham City Impostors is a great multiplayer action game with great personality, a very good sense of humor, endless customization options and a very direct and intense gameplay that has enchanted us. – 3DJuegos
A functional shooter with a sense of humor and a Batman license. It’s got plenty to unlock, but it’s not all that deep. Go, shoot, win. Over and over. If you’re looking for a first-person shooter that doesn’t take itself seriously, have at it, but don’t expect a FPS revolution. – IGN


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Battleborn is definitely a title I can get behind with its unique first person shooter approach, awesome cast of characters, gobs of weapons and power ups, and a hilarious framework to tie it all together. The game will take some getting used to and will force a few seasoned vets to step outside their comfort zone to enjoy the genus wonders that lie within. The hefty price tag may come with some initial sticker shock, especially after first firing it up, but those feeling will soon fade as you dedicate some time to Gearbox’s latest work by mowing down hordes of enemies and laughing hysterically in the process. – Cheat Code Central
Battleborn has done what I would have previously thought was impossible: it has kept me interested in its multiplayer. I typically grow bored with adversarial multiplayer after about an hour or two, yet I have spent so much time with this title already and want to keep going. – Hardcore Gamer


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In some ways, Gigantic is a jack of all trades, pulling influences from half a dozen different disparate games and genres. That mixture might sound messy on paper, but in practice developer Motiga pulls it all together to create matches that feel tense, challenging and hugely rewarding. The time I’ve invested into Gigantic so far feels worth it, and there’s enough variety and enough new content planned already that I have no doubt I’ll be jumping back in in the future. – Polygon
Motiga have created a fast paced and intense game that MOBA and shooter fans will both be able to sink their teeth into. An Incredible art style mixed with fantastic hero designs makes Gigantic stand out from the crowd and offers limitless possibilities. The few problems the Gigantic has are eclipsed by the sheer fun that that it is to play and I don’t see myself dropping this game anytime soon. – GamingTrend


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LawBreakers is an interesting mix of Tribes: Ascend and Overwatch. If you are tired of Blizzard’s online shooter, you definitely need to try it. – PlayGround.ru

Despite some superficial similarities to other recent multiplayer focused games, LawBreakers is ultimately its own beast with challenging, deep gameplay that succeeds thanks to the unique movement system, low-gravity combat and fun, varied classes. – New Game Network

Lawbreakers is a fresh new FPS with some room for improvement, but so far it’s a neat experience. For the price of 30,- euro’s you’ll have hours and hours of fun. – XGN


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The action is fast-paced and furious, the game’s presentation is hilarious and exciting and the gameplay is very easily approachable. Experiment with a few classes or stick with one, but do anything to get your hands on TF2. It’ll be an online experience you won’t forget. – GamerNode
The game also does a lovely job of framing your relationship with other players and nurturing them. – Eurogamer
Team Fortress 2 is, at heart, a gloriously simple game that’s been created with style, panache and an undeniable love of gaming. It’s the kind of game that you want to show to people who don’t play games so that they understand and then either get involved or go away. There is life before Team Fortress 2, and there is life after. After is better.  – PALGN

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#7 Phenomenal Video Games Like Overwatch