7 Awesome Video Games That You May Have Missed In 2017

2017 has been a heck of a year for gaming. We saw some great newcomers like Horizon Zero Dawn and Nioh that completely changed the way we think about new IPs and on the other hand, we saw the return of the classics like Breath Of The Wild and Wolfenstein 2. While playing these amazing games we missed out a few and they are really good like REALLY Good!

Today we are counting down 7 Awesome Video Games That You May Have Missed In 2017



Ruiner is momentum. The art drives the story, the story drives the setting, the setting drives the music, and the music drives the combat. Which in and of itself, needs none of the above. There are other very cool elements to be found from the versatile progression system to the way in which the boss battles evolve and really put your skills to the sent. And there are stretches where the momentum lags and cues are repeated. But with the sound turned up, the lights drawn, and your eyes firmly watching each enemy movement and background detail come to life there’s nothing better. Ruiner gets it. And I love it. – AusGamers
With its brutal, agile combat and engrossing slice of cyberpunk existence, you’ll desperately want Ruiner to keep the story going. – GamesRadar+
A solid cyberpunk action game that has exceptional gun and melee based combat taking place in a beautifully fleshed out world that it, unfortunately, doesn’t utilize to its full potential. It may not be perfect but I can wholeheartedly recommend RUINER if you are looking for a good challenge or a game that would fit perfectly in a dark room with your headphones cranked to maximum. – Destructoid


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Night in the Woods is a fantastic narrative with a beautiful artstyle, theme and plenty of small touches occupying a wonderful world full of loving characters covering a sinister story underneath. – GamingTrend
Night in the Woods is one of those games you don’t forget, with a great story and relatable characters. Behind that colorful, cartoonish look, there’s a very deep world.  – Vandal
Night in the Woods captures the fears and anxieties of being a young adult with surprising clarity, but brings it into new and interesting territory thanks to its developers’ deep understanding of rural America’s economic hardships. Branching, well-written dialogue made me feel closer to Mae’s story as I helped build out her history and reignite friendships, encouraging a second playthrough to uncover the scenes (and even a few secrets) I know I missed. – IGN



Lizardcube has both made The Dragon’s Trap more vibrant and set a fascinating standard for game remakes. – Slant Magazine
Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is a fantastic remake that clearly shows how much the developer Lizardcube loved the original. However, as fun and well made it is, we are talking about a Master System game you can clear in a couple hours or so: it’s somewhat overpriced at the moment. – Multiplayer.it
Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is a dream come true for all the fans of the original Master System classic, Lizard Cube gave us a new standard for how to make classic game remakes. – Atomix


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Robo Recall is an almost perfect VR arcade experience. The only downside is that the cost of entry for Oculus Rift and Touch – even with a new lower price of £598 – is still too high for many, when you include the cost of the PC needed to run it. But that’s not the game’s fault. – Guardian
Robo Recall is an excellent demonstration of what a VR shooter can be on Oculus Touch. Thanks to highly physical action and tons of options for smashing a bunch of great-looking robots with both magically replenishing guns and your bare hands, the three available maps feel like plenty. – IGN
Robo Recall doesn’t feel like a tech demo or minuscule offering of a promising concept. It’s the only VR game I’ve walked away from thinking I was satisfied with the amount and variety of content available. Its brand of action is unique and entertaining, and I haven’t played anything like it before. Robo Recall isn’t just a great VR game. It’s a great action game, period. – Game Informer


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As improbable as it sounds, Thimbleweed Park has brought the Lucasarts adventuring heyday kicking and screaming like a three-headed monkey into 2017 with the sort of verve few would have expected. Thimbleweed Park is utterly essential for point and click adventurers everywhere. – Playstation Universe
Thimbleweed Park takes advantage of a funny plot to offer a game that exhales nostalgia in every aspect. Tons of references, as well as a notable artistic work that make clear that retro is still enjoyable by certain players. Fans of the genre must have it, although the rest of gamers might see it just as an odd game. – LaPS4
Given the origins of Thimbleweed Park as a Kickstarter project, it’s not at all surprising to find that it’s firmly aimed at a very specific audience. To that end it does deliver, with interesting characters, an enticing core mystery, and loads of puzzles, all wrapped up in a package that closely follows the tenets of the those classic Lucasarts titles. – Push Square


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A unique, immersive mystery adventure game that is a standout in its genre. The amount of detail present in nearly every aspect of the game makes for a challenging but accessible puzzle solving experience. The game brilliantly combines time-loop mechanics with clever and mysterious puzzles that will put you on wit’s end, while smoothly balancing a creepy plotline with a colorful art style and dry humor. This indie title is a hidden gem that fans of mystery and puzzle games alike will greatly enjoy. – App Trigger
The Sexy Brutale is a delectable slice of murder and mystery. The exquisite art design, twisted puzzles, and excellent audio design combines to create a truly memorable experience. The unique setting and thoughtful tale will remain in the memory long after the case has been closed. –GameGrin
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#7 Awesome Video Games That You May Have Missed In 2017