5 Overrated Video Games Loved By Critics That Are Not That Good

I assume you that guys have read articles about “Overrated games” in the past and these are the most controversial articles that anyone can write. Readers can actually destroy the whole website if united on one thing. This usually happens when someone posts article a list of Overrated games and these article includes some of the games that are widely praised and that thing pisses off a lot of people. Well, Today we are going to do something risky. We are listing down 5 Overrated Video Games Loved By Critics That Are Not That Good.

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The visuals and perhaps the battle system are the only things this game has going for it. The dialogue was the worst self-indulgent tripe I have ever had to endure in a game. I’ll give the creators the benefit of the doubt that something was lost in translation. The characters were horrible, the creatures and fights were repetitive, and the game was painfully linear. I just finished the game and all I have are 110 gamer points to show for it with (11 achievements not found)…so it’s cheap on points too. If you are looking for a game for your pre-teen child then this might not be a bad selection but otherwise it’s a colosal waste of money and time.¬†–¬†Goodtimes

The graphics are simple, but solid. Anyway, they’re not ugly, though they hardly take advantage of the 360’s power. That said, the gameplay is active and fun, for what it’s worth. Not a AAA, but a grounded title that does what it sets out to do. I was personally surprised by how much I enjoyed myself. Few RPGs have that effect on me. –¬†JohnV
Excellent graphics and a good battle system fail to make up for a sub-part plot, straight-out annoying characters, and a terribly linear game. Rent it, beat it in 18 hours, and return it. –¬†GrahamE


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This is overall a mediocre game. I don’t see why critics praise this game, it’s not that good. The style of the game is just boring sometimes, and the campaign has no exciting moments. I also don’t see why there’s multiplayer. Even though I think the horde mode is fun, I still think you should skip this one. –¬†bighead6000
It was a letdown for me. i was expecting something better from Epic. Campaign, while solid, has some not very shiny points. the ending/final boss was a mess, no difficulty at all. Still worth a rental, at least. –SwoopTrust
This game sucks major balls. Why even bother with those crappy and unnecesary changes to the weapons? Damn, this feels like a prequel, gaming wise. Framerate sucks, AI sucks, voice acting sucks, gameplay sucks, and, most importantly, multiplayer sucks, especially the lag. This games name should have been Gears of Lag. –¬†MrCaca000


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Neither the masterpiece the media claims it to be, nor the horrible bland game the haters want you to think about it. It’s simply a good game that happens to be overhyped. It’s still an enjoyable game, just not earth-shattering. –¬†iicccpii
The Campaign in this game is far, far worse than it’s predecessor (not World at War, Modern Warfare 1) and the online action is unblanced, with overpowered guns, perks and killstreaks. Spec Ops is great fun with a mate, but alone or with a stranger online is a different story. Buy CoD4 instead. –¬†MattN
So overhyped its not funny. short campaign, spec ops is fun for about 5 minutes, multiplayer – well that depends on how much you enjoy multiplayer: i dont much, and seeing as how most of the game is in the multiplayer, its quite disappointing. Brings absolutely nothing new to the table, just your standard FPS. –¬†JesseT


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As an adult gamer i do not like this game. I do not care about level creation. I pay to have that done ahead of time. I look for challenge skill and precise control in platform games (howdy rayman your good stuff.) thats about it champs. –¬†Dionysus777

Its an okay game…. but not really the fun game to play for hours. I spent hours on this last holiday and didn’t really play it much after that. I hope i’ll play this game again soon. –¬†Forever_Alexone

The game itself is good, but lacks too much differentiation from its previous iterations. Fortunately, I’ve only run into a few bugs. LBP3 has joy to be found, but doesn’t differentiate itself enough to stand out. Media Molecule didn’t work on this, and it shows. –¬†PercentageWon


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After killing about 13,000 Spartans in mulitplayer, I can confidently say that this is one the most addicting games ever. So much better than COD. Bungie did a really geat job on the campaign missions as well. –¬†biscuitboy46
Decent campaign, but it was short. I enjoyed continuing the Halo story. Being able to run through the campaign on co-op was nice. Multiplayer was solid but it was unbalanced and too much had changed for the worst. I only played this game when I was bored of the other ones. –¬†TheChaser1985
A pretty decent game. It lacks the replay value of the first two, and the story is pretty weak compared to the rest of the series. Ofcourse, that can be forgivable since it must have been difficult trying to bring an adequate conclusion to the storyline. If you like first person shooters, this game is worth a couple playthroughs. –¬†AI88
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#5 Overrated Video Games Loved By Critics That Are Not That Good