Worst Open World Video Games That No One Should Ever Play

Open World games ahh! Who doesn’t love a good open world game? I freaking love free-roaming around in open world games and that because how much freedom the player gets. Recently I played Watch Dogs 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, BOTW. What was common in all of these three was a dense focus on exploration and I did explore things that I could never imagine. But things can go wrong if the Open World game does not emphasize the “OPEN WORLD”

We listed down Worst Open World Games you should avoid.


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14000 square kilometers are not enough to make a good game. Fuel tries to overlap its competitors by taking a sand box approach to the genre, but it fails by offering races that are neither challenging nor thrilling set in enormous and boring open spaces. – Multiplayer.it
This expansive arcade racer may be ambitious, but it doesn’t nail all of the basics. – GameSpot
Ten thousand square kilometers of crushing solitude. You drive on a track poorly lit by a full moon, and you desperately long for something interesting to happen. But no, there are no surprises at all. – Absolute Games


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Rockstar take three years to produce masterpieces, benchmarks of game design, but Reflections have taken almost double that time and give us an unfinished, unpolished mess. – Thunderbolt
On its own, it’s troubled with unforgivably terrible AI, poor out-of-car controls, and some awfully designed levels…Compared to other games of its kind, DRIV3R falls on its face. – IGN
The character controls are pretty standard to both third person and FPS titles, but they are very stiff and slow. Not the kind of thing you want in a shoot-out or high-speed chase. – GameZone


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The controls are about as responsive as a corpse in the city morgue and the moody camera handcuffs you at every turn. – WHAM! Gaming
After the thrill of flying around Metropolis wears off, Superman Returns is nothing more than a below-average, repetitive movie tie-in that doesn’t even do the movie tie-in part well. – GameSpot
While there’s nothing broken about Superman Returns, it just doesn’t amount to a particularly fun experience, with boring super-powers and mindless melee combat. – Xbox World Australia


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True Crime: New York City replicates the over-the-top violence and goofy sexuality of GTA, but trashes that series’ friendly interface, gorgeous environment, and dependable physics. If there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s that what made GTA so enjoyable weren’t the mature themes, but the execution. – Game Revolution
If framerate problems doesn’t annoy you, then the stupidity of the A.I. may force you to say, “that sh*t is wow, bananas.” Enemies are stricken by stupidity, as they’ll simply stand there and allow you shoot the living daylights out of them. – 1UP
Releasing this game in its current state – now that’s a true crime. – Gamers’ Temple



Homefront: The Revolution has more problems than I can list, including some illogical design decisions I couldn’t wrap my head around. But it truly executes on some of the good ideas it presents, and redeems itself in its latter half to an extent. – COGconnected
After capturing our attention with a strong concept and an intriguing open world, Homefront: The Revolution struggles with the basics: weapons feel unsatisfying to use, side quests are repetitive, characters are under-developed, and the online multiplayer represents a step back for the series. Sadly, for all of its ambition, there’s just not much here worth fighting for. – Push Square
Homefront: The Revolution wears its troubled design and its unattainable ambition like a scar. There’s a decent game hidden in its core, but it would take too much work to turn the Revolution in to something worthy of attention. – Critical Hit
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