5 Disappointing Video Games From Good Developers That Ruined Their Reputation

When we see names like Naughty Dog and CD Projekt Red we don’t expect bad games. We expect the best out of great developers because of their previous work and quality in their games. But this can be wrong, not everyone is perfect and sometimes developers also make mistake and today we listed down some bad games developed by amazing developers that kinda ruined their reputation.


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Developed by –Free Radical Design

Despite some early promise and hype, Haze has a lot of trouble living up to those high expectations set forth by its developers’ past triumphs. – GamingExcellence
For all its promise to deliver a thoughtful take on the murkier aspects of war combined with Free Radical’s proven prestige with first person shooters, ultimately Haze is a resounding disappointment that never truly shines in any department. – IGN UK
Haze is far from a complete disaster but, given the high level of hype surrounding its release and the pedigree of developer Free Radical, it still stands as one of the biggest disappointments of this generation. – VideoGamer


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Developed by – Telltale Games

Jurassic Park just doesn’t live up to Telltale’s legacy. – ZTGD
Unfortunately, like the cars that shuttle people around the island, this game is on rigid tracks and offers you no control over where it goes or how it gets there. You’re just along for the ride. – GameSpot
I have to give Telltale a nod for at least trying something ambitious and coming up short. The Jurassic Park setting has room for new stories, but they needed to bring out the varsity for this one and they didn’t. Here’s hoping they take the lessons to heart and try again. – Armchair Empire



Developed by – TreyarchTorus Games

The combat system is frustrating and delivers very little fun after a couple of hours. – Gaming Age
The level design and flow of the game grows tiring quickly. Perhaps if Minority Report the game had better matched the movie, the final product would be more fun and interesting. – Game Revolution
Ugly, unpolished and boring, Minority Report is best left on the shelf. – GameZone


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Developed by – Platinum Games

The Legend of Korra is a fun game, but could have been a lot better. It misses the complete point of the series and doesn’t offer any depth. Aside from that the game is just simple, but entertaining. – XGN
The Legend of Korra is a game that has a clear understanding of the source material, but without the budget to really dig in and do that material justice. – USgamer
The worst game Platinum has ever made, and thanks to its sheer incompetence and banality almost the Bizarro World opposite of Bayonetta. – Metro GameCentral


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Developed by – Crystal Dynamics

Lead characters aside, another element that makes Whiplash so amusing is Genron itself. Although animal testing is hardly a subject to be laughed at, the game gets away with making fun of it because it’s the humans themselves that are portrayed as being dumb animals. – TotalGames.net
Unfortunately, humor is the only thing Whiplash seems to really nail, and chuckles alone aren’t enough to carry an entire game. – GameSpot
While this is certainly not a huge title and there’s little innovation, I must admit I enjoyed it. – GameSpy



Developed by – Bioware

BioWare has often shown more willingness than most triple-A developers to respond to community criticisms and they’re already pushing patches to rectify Andromeda’s many issues, so I’m not pronouncing the Mass Effect series dead just yet. But speaking as someone who owns multiple pieces of N7 apparel and has read the Mass Effect books – the freaking books – I hate Andromeda. Maybe this is karmic balance for all of the recent big-name releases that have actually lived up to my expectations, but it’s been a long time since a game left me feeling as deflated as this one. – GameCritics
Seven out of ten, barely. In the genre of narrative sandbox are now many better fresh games and I have no choice but to ask – has BioWare lost good writers, or does it hope that the players will simply be satisfied with a silly story and uninteresting characters, accompanied by a good combat system? For me, both options are quite sad. – Games.cz
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#5 Disappointing Video Games From Good Developers That Ruined Their Reputation