6 Unknown Nintendo Switch Video Games You Should Play

Nintendo Switch is killing the competition lately. This is a proper Nintendo console success after nearly a decade. Why Switch is getting so popular? It has the weak hardware, Low Resolution, and more but what keeps the Switch interesting is the games. Xbox One is a superior console but nobody gives a shit about it anymore mainly because it does not have any good exclusives. Nintendo Switch got two of the biggest video game this year (Mario Odyssey, BOTW) but there are other great games to for it too that only a few people know about.  We listed down 6 Amazing Unknown Nintendo Switch Video Games You Should Play


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I think the game is supremely enjoyable, but it’s not for everybody. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to travel through Mom’s Scarred Womb and destroy what appears to be a giant fetus before taking on Satan. Toodles! – NintendoWorldReport
The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ on Switch isn’t just a brilliant port – it’s arguably the best way to enjoy a modern roguelike classic. – Pocket Gamer UK
Too weird and repellent for a mainstream audience, too brilliant for any serious gamer to ignore, The Binding of Isaac has found a surprisingly natural home on Switch. It’s ideal for short bursts and longer sessions of handheld play, and the sort of title that only gets richer and more interesting the more hours and effort you put in. Edward McMillen’s cult classic isn’t for everyone, but if it’s for you there’s no better way to play it. – Trusted Reviews


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Fast RMX is a blistering fast racer with a very balanced set of vehicles and a nice selection of tracks. It’s perfect for some single player score chasing or some multiplayer competition, and it looks great while doing it – though it could’ve used a few more options here and there. That doesn’t really hinder what we’ve been offered, however, and Fast RMX is a racing game I’m happy to recommend to absolutely anyone who might be looking for one. It’s just that good. – Switch Player
FAST RMX is a solid arcade racer, with a gratifying sense of speed, excellent visuals, and an interesting phase mechanic ensuring you have plenty of fun. It’s not quite a flawless experience though. Outside of Hero mode, it’s all a bit basic, with no tricks to perform in the air, and tracks lacking the intricate design of Mario Kart or Wipeout. – Pocket Gamer UK
Good tracks and great racing combine in this well-positioned futuristic racer. It’s nothing groundbreaking and is very similar to its predecessor, but it has enough new content and multiplayer fun to keep me coming back for hours. – Wccftech



One thing that stands out about the game is the art style. Everything is flat and 2D and looks as if it could all be made from craft paper. The characters are full of life and have personality, which is surprising, considering they exist in a puzzle game. They have a range of facial expressions that make me laugh every time I play. Whether it’s a sneaky look while creeping along close to the ground or a shy blush when your partner cuts a bit of you away, the characters truly bring the game to life. – Vooks
Forget 1-2-Switch or Super Bomberman R. This is the multiplayer gem that Switch so desperately needs. Smart, creative and with a very distinctive art design this is a beautiful cooperative puzzle extravaganza.
If you’re looking for a good multiplayer game on your brand new Nintendo Switch, Snipperclips is a must. In addition to being accessible, it will test your ability to solve puzzles and work as a team. Expect a lot of laughter and hours of fun in this puzzle game offering great value for your money. – GameCrate


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Splatoon 2 takes what was great of the original game and improves every aspect, every detail of the experience. It’s a fun and compelling product, a true Nintendo game. – Multiplayer.it
Splatoon 2 has a lot of substance, and every bit of it is literally oozing with style. Keeping everything that made the original game great while expanding on modes, fashion, weapons and features, this is a powerfully addictive family-friendly shooter. – The Sydney Morning Herald
A great evolution of Splatoon’s original formula, but doesn’t do enough to become a real contender on the competitive scene. – IGN Spain


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The main point here is that Nippon Ichi has done a spot-on job with Disgaea 5 in porting it to the Nintendo Switch. This is one of the best tactics JRPGs you can play. It’ll last you a long time, become more rewarding the more time that you put into it, and runs just perfectly on the Switch’s hardware. You could not ask for a better portable game than this. – Digitally Downloaded
Between the DLC and the Switch’s portability, there’s a lot of new life breathed in. On the other hand, if you’ve never played this game before, this review is more of a warning. Spend your money wisely, for countless hours can vanish in a blink. – COGconnected
Disgaea 5 Complete is the best version of Disgaea 5 and a great strategy RPG that is well worth your time. – God is a Geek


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Puyo Puyo Tetris is a great puzzle mashup game with loads of game modes and a robust online mode offering a fun experience. – God is a Geek
The beautifully presented Puyo Puyo Tetris has a ton of content, a really fun multiplayer with a lot of variations, and is very easy to pick up and play with just about anyone despite the slight balance issues. The Nintendo Switch is a great platform for it too, with its portability and non-threatening Joy-Con controllers. This is the type of game that offers an adequate challenge for even the most hardcore puzzle players with its Challenge modes but is inviting for even the smallest of children and gaming newbies. – IGN
The wait was worth it for this puzzle mashup, as Puyo Puyo Tetris embodies everything great about its namesakes, and compliments the host hardware perfectly. Concerns arise about the lack of Japanese voice work as an option, but as an overall package of content and pure replayability, there are few better crossovers than this one. – Cubed3
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#6 Unknown Nintendo Switch Video Games You Should Play