6 Greatest Horror Video Game Released In The Last 5 Years

Horror Games go way to back in the 1970s. Killer Shark was released in the year 1972 and majority still does not know anything about this game but we can say that it is the grandfather of all the horror games. Fast Foward to 2010 and we already have some of the finest horror game ever made. But in the last 5 years, the Genre has evolved a lot whether it is for good or bad. We listed down 6 Greatest Horror Video Game Released In The Last 5 Years

List in particular order.

1. DYING LIGHT (2015)

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Dying Light just stepped up the game in a genre that has gone stale. Color me impressed. – Hooked Gamers
Dying Light is a great survival horror, with a very well executed parkour system, a visceral and engaging combat system and some nighttime sequences of pure, crushing terror. – Multiplayer.it
Dying Light falls short of Dead Island in terms of novelty and setting, but gains on other fronts thanks to parkour and a crafting system more streamlined and instant. If you love the genre, this is a great game. – SpazioGames

 2. LAYERS OF FEAR (2016)

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Layers of Fear is probably the scariest game of all time. A nightmarish journey through the mind of a deranged talented painter. The riveting atmosphere, fitting music and otherworldly scenes are going to haunt your thoughts for several days after the completion of your walkthrough. Magnificent. – GameOver.gr
This horror experience infuses deep feelings of fear, both through great sound and images. However, there should have been bigger interactions and extended puzzle solutions. – Multiplayer.it
If you’re a horror fan, or even just a fan of storylines that make you think, Layers of Fear should be right up your alley. Though it can be completed in a couple of sittings or less, it’s an experience not easily forgotten. – Hooked Gamers


resident evil 7

Resident Evil 7 changes direction from previous games. It goes back to its survival horror foundations: puzzle solving, exploration and avoiding enemies instead of confronting them. It feels great even for newcomers. And it is also the best game anyone can try on PSVR. – Hobby Consolas
Capcom has finally done it. It put Resident Evil back on the map as a survival horror force to be reckoned with. At times unbelievably scary, Resident Evil VII is a relentless first person roller coaster ride that brings the goosebumps and washes the bad taste left by previous entries in the series out of your mouth. – PSX-Sense.nl
It’s hard to imagine a more effective revolution of a storied franchise. Resident Evil 7 makes us want to be scared while we discover the secrets of an old mansion. The visit in the Baker’s house is sufficiently short to leave you terrified and patiently await the next Resident Evil. – Eurogamer Poland


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Highly stylized and in turns deliciously horrifying and mysterious, Little Nightmares completes the “Unholy Trifecta” alongside Limbo and Inside, of the decades’ essential puzzle platformers. – Ragequit.gr
Little Nightmares is a thrilling game of horror built around its twisted and fascinating location. It drops the conventional cheap scare tactics and shines with psychological fear when it is delivering its unnerving, sinister frights through the eerie atmosphere, creepy visuals and stellar sound. If it wasn’t for some of the minor control issues, Little Nightmares would be a near perfect package in what it is trying to deliver, but even with the slight tarnish on the overall experience, there’s no denying that Little Nightmares is one of the more imaginative horror titles currently available. – DarkZero


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Inspired by the first movie of the Alien saga, this FPS survival horror is simply the best homage to Ridley Scott’s movie. It will haunt you, it will scare you and it will make you jump… and you’ll like it. – Eurogamer Italy
A stealth game that is not a disgrace to the Alien movie, and both its fan and a gamer who has not been kissed by its teeth will enjoy this, if they do wink at the game’s story. – Games.cz
Players get frustrated, scared and upset, and it all feels very convincing because they also get outsmarted by an AI and there are few games that can make such a claim these days. Creative Assembly gets a huge plus for enhancing the fear factor in this one. – ActionTrip

 6. THE CAT LADY (2012)

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The Cat Lady is simply one of the most beautiful horror adventure out there, something that goes beyond a video game and yet a work of art that only a videogame could have delivered. – Multiplayer.it
As long as you’re not totally put off by the art design, there’s no reason to not play The Cat Lady. It is not only one of the best games of the year, it’s one of the best horror adventures out there. – Eurogamer Germany
The Cat Lady could be defined as a “non-game”: it’s a beautiful, sad picture of our lives. Maybe one of the most interesting horror adventures around. – Eurogamer Italy
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#6 Greatest Horror Video Game Released In The Last 5 Years