6 Goriest Video Games That Make You Look Away From The Screen

Video Games makes us violent? Hell No. But are video games violent? Damn right. Violence in video games is not new and if you play games on daily basis you know what I mean. Pick any AAA Game and just look at their fighting scenes. Witcher 3, for example, has a really great combat system and if done right you can actually see the body parts getting dissected and flying in the air when we swing out the sword. But in the end they are fun but sometimes It can be too far like the scene in the latest Last Of us Part II trailer where they literally pin down a woman and break her bone with a hammer. Today we listed down our favorite Violent video games.


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Few games offer up as much as Gears of War 3, and even fewer manage to do it this successfully. This is quite easily the best Gears of War yet, weaving excellent core mechanics together with the renewed perception of an ever-maturing developer. Once again, Epic has successfully iterated on a series that most other developers are still desperately trying to imitate. – VideoGamer
Gears of War 3 is the absolute business. It plays extremely well on your own, as part of a co-op experience or if you’ve got the minerals to jump online and leave your mark. – BigPond GameArena
Markus Phoneix leaves the Xbox 360 with an enormous and well-told adventure that exceeds all expectations. A lot of online modes, great Horde 2.0 and all the gameplay that characterizes the journeys of Gears. Magnificent! – Meristation


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There can be no more complaints from gamers looking for a unique experience when gems such as this are out there to be sampled. Miss it at your peril. – NTSC-uk
No More Heroes easily ranks among the Wii’s finest titles, busting a bunch of myths along the way. You say sword-based combat peaked with Twilight Princess? Wait until you slice a suit-wearing crony in half. The Wii can’t do mature games? This game does it without the dark dreariness of just about every other violence-laden M-rated title. It could use a bit less filler, but No More Heroes is still a fine fight from the first blow to the last strike. – GamePro
It’s too bad the open-world element wasn’t fleshed out more, because this game could have been spectacular. NMH is the Wii’s first third-party classic and anyone with a Wii should seek it out. – GameZone


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While it’s not the most ambitious remaster, the hilarious jokes, varied gameplay, and stellar voice acting ensure that you’ll have a good time. – Push Square
Deadpool returns with pretty much the same adventure we played on the old consoles. It has some nice moments, but this is a wasted opportunity to fix the errors of the original and improve many of its aspects. – Vandal


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For all the careful planning that might go in a stickup, it all usually comes down to clutching out impromptu, split second shootouts. Sometimes these quirks manifest as incompetent A.I. behavior or exploitative gameplay, but for the most part, it all congeals in a remarkably tense and satisfying experience with depth to go with its style. – GameTrailers
Let’s just say it: Hotline Miami isn’t for everyone. It’s brutal, bloody and extraordinarily unforgiving. Thanks to Hotline Miami, the 8-bit top-down shooter genre gets put in the spotlight again after Retro City Rampage. It deserves the attention. Well, if you can stomach countless retries and a dozen smashed skulls. – Gamer.nl
It’s a puzzle game and a strategy game as much as an action game, then, and like Rockstar’s Manhunt, it will sicken you even as it provides its murky thrills. – Edge Magazine

 5. DOOM

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There were no doubts that Doom would play fast, look stunning, or be gory; the surprise is that Doom is as relevant, smart and self-aware as it is; merging old ideas with new ones; injecting its near-flawless shooter mechanics into a campaign that’s impeccably refined, hilariously dumb and fiendishly moreish. – Telegraph
The multiplayer aside, the true appeal to the game remains in the single-player campaign, which is how it was and should be with a DOOM title. – ActionTrip
Combat may become a little tedious after long stretches of play, the load times are a little lengthy, multiplayer is a smudge unbalanced, and SnapMap is a so-so addition, but the adrenaline-fueled gameplay and the ample replayability featured within the campaign makes this a standout entry in the FPS genre – let alone a worthwhile resurrection of DOOM. – Game Rant


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Harvester really does combine slick packaging, with true depth of gameplay and innovation. For those with a liking for the strange, unusual and downright revolting, or just a taste for great adventure games, I can”t hesitate to recommend it. – TotalGames.net
There’s nothing actually revolutionary going on in Harvester, but it’s a creepy game featuring tried-and-true adventure mechanics with entertaining twists and some truly disturbing full-motion video segments that will follow you to bed and snuggle up nice and cozy in your dreams. – GameSpot
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#6 Goriest Video Games That Make You Look Away From The Screen