How Many Developers Studios Has EA Killed?

Electronic Arts is one of the biggest gaming companies in the world. Electronic Arts is Worth more $22.90 Billion which is just crazy! Yes, The studio has given us some great games and memories but honestly speaking Electronics Arts is just bullcrap. EA Recently closed down visceral studios which made everyone upset including me because they were working on a very cool star wars game and now we will never get to see it. This got me thinking of how many studios have EA Killed? Made a short “Troll” video on this. Hope you guys like it! It’s only 27 seconds so give it a watch.

  1. Maxis
  2. Mythic Entertainment

  3. Bullfrog Productions

  4. Origin Systems

  5. Westwood Studios

  6. Phenomic

  7. Black Box Games

  8. Pandemic

  9. Playfish11. NuFX


#How Many Developers Studios Have EA Killed?