5 Worst First-Person Shooter Video Games Of This Decade

First-Person Shooter is probably the most popular genre in gaming for about 10 years now. Call Of Duty, Battlefield, Titanfall and much more. Every single year we get tons of  first-person shooter from AAA developers and sometimes indie developers too. To be honest we all love shooting bad guys right into their faces but if the gameplay is not done right we just HATE IT! Today we are counting down 5 Worst FPS Video game of this decade



There are a ton of fine shooters hitting shelves this year that are good enough to go down in history. It would be a shame to waste your money paying full price for this heap, which instead takes history down with it. – GamesRadar+
A bad game. You might assume that a company as reputable as the History Channel might take more care to protect their license, but it’s clear that they just wanted to make a quick buck. – Thunderbolt
Battle for the Pacific is a perfect example of how you can produce a modern first person shooter with absolutely no level of innovation at all. Graphics, sound and controls all do their job without impressing but the overall gameplay is utterly mediocre and not worth your time or your money. – Level7.nu

 2. 007 LEGENDS

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Unfortunately, the game proves the fact, that despite some laudable exceptions, most licensed games are simply programmed the fast way. – GamingXP
007 Legends greets you with a warning that Activision will not support the game’s multiplayer servers if there is not enough interest. Was there any interest, really? – Riot Pixels
The worst gift agent 007 could possibly get to his 50th birthday. Better get nothing at all than this annoying agony. – LEVEL (Czech Republic)


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It doesn’t really work, as the game never finds the right way to balance the two modes of play, but this brief flicker of ambition offers just enough ballast to prevent this otherwise tiresomely unremarkable game from sinking completely. – Eurogamer
Bland presentation and sloppy mechanics sink Battleship more effectively than a torpedo ever could. – GameSpot
So yeah, avoid this one. It’s a short, unremarkable romp through a movie universe that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to begin with. The actual combat isn’t particularly awful or broken; it’s just bland and not that fun, with no real redeeming qualities. Even at a discounted price, which it should have been at right out of the gate, you’d be better off passing on this one. – Gaming Age


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This dreadfully boring, expletive-filled, extremely short shooter is an absolute rip-off. – GameSpot
Completely bankrupt of any value whatsoever. – IGN
Though the game really tries for the over the top action of a summer blockbuster, it never comes close to that level of satisfaction. The gunplay feels like a chunky afterthought, and a cover system that very nearly causes more harm than good doesn’t help either. – IGN



Although Techland brings some nice ideas into the Call of Juarez universe, the game ultimately fails to deliver because of a way too typical story, dated graphics, loads of bugs and a total misunderstanding of the concept ‘Wild West’. The Cartel is a major step back for the franchise and we would have been better off without it. – XGN
A poor change of pace for the franchise. Taking the story into modern times seems to have robbed it of its passion and charm, replacing it with asinine characters and more cuss words than an Al Pacino flick. – IGN
With The Cartel, you can see that the developers tried to ensure the atmosphere was nice… but it does not work. The characters are too predictable, and so is the story. The action sequences are too basic… playing in co-op can still be nice, but it does not save a game that lacks inspiration. – Gameblog.fr
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#5 Worst First-Person Shooter Video Games Of This Decade