5 Most Fun & Addictive Video Games Just Like Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto series has changed the way we play video games and reinvented the open world genre in 2003 with the release of Grand Theft Auto III. I don’t know about you guys but GTA is still my favorite video game series of all time I think it’s mainly because of how it connects to the real world and we players have full freedom to do anything we want. Well, guess what! GTA is not the only game like this.

Today we are counting down best alternatives for Grand Theft Auto.

1. Saints Row IV

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Overall Saints Row IV is a marvellously enjoyable game, while still suffering from a few of the complaints that the series has always had. The main quests are great, and although the side missions are not painful to play, they don’t pack the same punch. If you played and enjoyed Saints Row The Third, then picking up this sequel is a must. Equally, if you’re looking for a game that lets you act like a badass with special powers, this might be a better superhero game than many others that are actually billed as such. – Hooked Gamers
We think there’s a story in there somewhere. Saints Row IV is weird. Too weird, in fact. And we love it for that exact reason. – Gamereactor Sweden
Volition it seems has made a new standard in over the top…no, really I don’t think you understand… they went over the top before. Now they had to raise the bar in standards as well, just so they could go over the top of that. – Impulsegamer

2. Mafia II

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Mafia 2 is a great, story-driven action game which offers great cutscenes and a believable game world. Its characters, graphics, music and sound are outstanding, but it lacks good AI and side missions at the same time. After ten to twelve hours of gameplay, you finish the game with no possibility to deal with the game furthermore – compared to other open-world-titles like GTA IV. Anyhow, Mafia 2 is a great old-school-action game, with few faults. – PC Games
Flaws and linear nature taken into account, Mafia II is a beautiful, gripping, engaging game-and where it doesn’t allow you to go is more than made up for by where it does. – Game Revolution
Mafia II has a good plot, rude, violent and with a wonderful narrative. But Mafia II is also a good action where the adventure and the free-roaming create the perfect gameplay mix all together with the fast shooting and the realism of the driving sequence. – Multiplayer.it

 3. Just Cause 3

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Just Cause 3 gets away with more stunts and high-flying hijinks that, let’s be honest, even Hollywood can’t get away with much anymore. Come for the explosions, but stay for the, well, stay for even more explosions. – Gaming Nexus
When you’re not waiting for it to load, Just Cause 3 is an incredibly fun game. Crisp visuals and a clever soundtrack bring all the explosions to life. Even with the violence and destruction, it manages to maintain a lighter tone than the Far Cry games, without sliding into the outright silliness of Saints Row. But, it’s still silly enough. – NZGamer
All in all, Just Cause 3 is one giant bombastic set piece that manages to be immensely enjoyable and disappointing at the same time. – PSX Extreme

4. Crackdown 2

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Call it Crackdown 2, Crackdown 1.5, or if you’re really snide, a Crackdown expansion pack, but no matter how you slice it, Crackdown 2 is a fun game that’s exceptionally playable and enjoyable even if it’s not as original as it could be had the game received more development time. – Gaming Target
Fans that loved the original and cherish the idea of being able to relive the experiences with more friends will find everything they could have hoped for, but for those excited for the next step in the series will find that Crackdown 2 hasn’t moved very far at all. – Console Monster
Crackdown 2 is as fun and addictive as the original. It may not be the sequel everyone was hoping for, but if you enjoyed the original you will find plenty to like here. Easily one of the best games of the summer, and one I will be playing for a long time to come. – Digital Chumps

5. Watch Dogs 2

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The UI is wonderful. You have so much information immediately available to you. Nudle Maps always has a mini-map in the lower left corner, giving you a good look at the area. Bringing up information on people gives you a crisp, clear window. Hacking offers a menu with easily recognizable icons, so you always know what your button presses will do. – Cheat Code Central
The sincere belief in a pack mentality is just one reason why Watch Dogs 2 is such an improvement over its predecessor. – Slant Magazine
In practice the hacking works intuitively and — assuming you suspend your disbelief that you can use the same network to steer a car or explode a sewerage pipe from a phone — it’s a huge amount of fun. – The Sydney Morning Herald

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#5 Most Fun & Addicting Video Games Just Like Grand Theft Auto