5 Fun Video Games Harder Than Dark Souls

Dark Souls is known for it’s challenging gameplay and became immensely popular in recent years mainly because of how hard it is. GIT GUD meme is massively popular just because of Dark Souls. But I think sometimes it’s kinda overrated and no I am not hating on the game and YES, it is extremely difficult but it’s not as difficult as some other games and this is why today we are counting Video Games Harder Than Dark Souls

1. Ninja Gaiden Black

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While most of Ninja Gaiden: Black is the same as before, the little additions that have been added make a world of difference, especially for those hardcore gamers looking for more punishment. And if all that content isn’t enough, you even get the old school arcade Ninja Gaiden, too. – GamePro
Prepare to be challenged like you’ve never been challenged before to complete an action-adventure game. If you make it through Ninja Gaiden Black, be proud, because it definitely is one of the hardest games to complete that you’ll ever play. – Armchair Empire

2. Ikaruga

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Anyone who appreciates what makes a truly great game should be able to recognize Ikaruga for its elegant design, aesthetic beauty, and sheer challenge. – GameSpot
The game is brutally, unrelentlessly difficult, and it very much expects you to play through the same levels and same situations over and over again until you get it right. – NintendoWorldReport
Ikaruga rests its laurels on hard and fast gameplay, and while it is good gameplay, it’s also very challenging, fairly short, and not what I’d call a mass appeal title. – Gamezilla!

 3. Super Meat Boy

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This game is most certainly not for everyone–if you can’t handle extremely hard games, you’re better off marveling at this spectacle from a distance–but those who can stomach the difficult and appreciate the bizarre will take every ounce of punishment Super Meat Boy dishes out and beg for more. – Giant Bomb
This sublime platformer provides tons of challenge, precise controls, and incredible level design that will keep you glued to the screen. – GameSpot
Even though Super Meat Boy will make most casual players shy away from it due to its extreme, raw level of difficulty, there’s plenty of content to dig through and it’s all well worth the effort. – Game Revolution

 4. Contra

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It’s gone slightly crusty and yellowed with age but the sheer difficulty ensures this remains as addictive a challenge as ever before. – X-ONE Magazine UK
Of all of Konami’s retro games, this is the best. Contra is manically tough, and even Live co-op play doesn’t make it that much easier. If you can get to the end without continuing then we’ll salute you as a hero. – Official Xbox Magazine UK

 5. Catherine

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It’s always nice to see a game developer breaking from the mold and Catherine does that in a huge way. Unfortunately the difficulty is going to alienate a very large amount of people. Tacked on with those who were alienated already when they found out this wasn’t an RPG and it’s not looking good. We only hope that this game will find the crowd that enjoys both the aggravation of the challenge and the developing storyline that forms the core of Catherine. There is a hell of an experience here if you only have the patience for it. – GamingExcellence
Catherine is incredibly hard to put down, if only because of how well the story is written. You really want to see what happens to Vincent next, and with multiple endings and story paths, the game will keep you busy for multiple playthroughs. – Cheat Code Central
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#5 Fun Video Games Harder Than Dark Souls