This Guy Creates Movies Like Stanley Kubrick In Grand Theft Auto 5

My Personal Favourite movie is 2001: A Space Oddessy. Not because everyone says it’s the greatest movie but it was the movie that was WAY ahead of its time. Stanley Kubrick is the greatest movie director of all time in my personal opinion. But I am not here to talk about Stanley Kubrick.


I am here to tell you about a guy that creates magnificent short-movies in Grand Theft Auto 5. I am talking about 88Jackob88 ( a Weird name I know that) but man! He is absolutely fucking awesome.

I can talk all day about him and how great his short movies are but unfortunately that would be boring for you guys.

The atmosphere in his videos is outstanding. The way he captures the shot is also really good and overall the music and direction look really similar to Stanley Kubrick films. Not everyone will like his videos because frankly they are not catered for everyone. I think only some people will understand the level of enthusiasm he puts into his videos.

If you loved 2001: A Space Oddessy then you will also definitely gonna enjoy most of his videos.

Unfortunately, His videos don’t get many views which is really disappointing and that is because he is not consistent with the uploads and thus Youtube does not rank his videos higher.

I linked some of his videos that you guys may enjoy and don’t forget subscribe to his channel if you like his content.

Jackob if you are reading this I only have 1 request for you and that is to create a movie like Blade Runner (1982) in GTA 5. JUST DO IT! If you ever need help just hit me up on twitter @gamefreakshow

Note – This not a paid article. 

#This Guy Creates Movies Like Stanley Kubrick In Grand Theft Auto 5