6 Massive Over-Hyped Video Games That Everybody Quickly Forgot About

Hype is the single most dangerous things for games and it can either destroy the whole game reputation or it can help the game to reach on to great levels. Video games like Half-Life 2 and Grand Theft Auto 5 were Over-hyped before the launch and fortunately enough they delivered more than that and this is why they succeed in a huge way. But if Marketing is done right and players get hyped up for the game but when it releases and it does not deliver what it was supposed then things can get pretty messy. Today we are counting down 6 Over-Hyped Video Games That Everybody Quickly Forgot About.

The Division



Taken out of the context of a tumultuous build-up and away from the weight of expectation, this game is a sheer triumph. It takes a simple third-person shooter and packs impressive RPG and multiplayer elements into the mix, with the end result being simply fantastic. Miss this game at your own peril – We Got This Covered
A lot of The Division’s future success is contingent on effective post-launch support. There is a season pass that will stretch the game throughout 2016 accompanied with regular free updates and tweaks as well. Like Destiny and Bungie, how Ubisoft responds to player feedback on evolving the game from what it is on launch will be crucial. The Dark Zone is a nice start, but if that’s all The Division’s endgame is ever going to be, it will eventually get dull like the campaign experience did by the end. – Twinfinite
For a game built around the shallow need for incremental improvements, there is a surprising amount of depth when you dig into character and gear statistic tweaking, too, which only makes the tight squad action of the minute-to-minute gameplay even stronger. – Telegraph



Brink is a worthy buy for anyone who doesn’t absolutely hate multiplayer FPS action. It blurs the line between single-player and multiplayer styles, introduces an effective new movement system, and finds ways of discouraging all the obnoxious behavior common in most multiplayer shooters. The campaign is long, and the different classes allow you to play each mission over and over without getting bored. – Cheat Code Central
In the end, Brink is another of those games that we see every so often; the games that have incredible potential and truly unique ideas but fail in their implementation. This could have been a great game, it could’ve been a hit and it could’ve given shooter fans a reason to return to a genre that has lost much of its originality over the last handful of years. Unfortunately for us and for its developer, the keyword here is “could’ve”, because there’s little here that makes Brink the genre redefining game some of us hoped it would be. – Game Over Online
An online shooter needs variety, depth, and addictiveness to succeed over the long term. Brink might find a niche with some hardcore fans, but it isn’t for everyone. The PC version feels more complete than its console counterpart, but my qualms over content remain the same. Brink has heart, but the overall package is lacking. – IGN

The Order: 1886


The Order: 1886 is a pretty good game, nothing else. Almost every part can be criticized: the story flows nicely but is extremely predictable, the fights are good, but only the ones with people in them (lycan fights are boring), graphics are gorgeous, but the world feels empty. Sir Galahad’s adventure is yet another bit of proof that beauty isn’t enough. You should see The Order in motion but do so only after some significant discounts. – GRYOnline.pl
There are brief moments throughout The Order: 1886 when it’s clearly striving for excellence, which only makes the end result more tragic. It’s easy to toss aside a game that looks bad or is full of bugs, but The Order feels like it should be a good game. – Arcade Sushi



The combat is frantic and tense, but often feels samey and superficial. The in-match leveling works wonderfully in the campaign, but can become problematic in multiplayer. The varied cast of heroes adds longevity, but the game still feels relatively content light. With so many moving parts that never quite gel, I found plenty of things to love but just as much to feel confused by and ambivalent about. – GameSpot
There may be a good game buried under Gearbox Software’s first attempt at a MOBA, but too many of its systems are developmentally in their infancy. – Slant Magazine
An ambitious team shooter that struggles with its identity and is let down by a weak script and try-hard comedy –God is a Geek

TitanFall 2


We feel like this is next-gen gameplay. Titanfall proves that there’s still room for innovation in shooting games, and we’ve had a blast playing it. It could have had next-gen visuals, though, and then it would have been the bomb. – Vandal
If you want something more from your video games or if you want to be transported to another dimension to learn the true role of an intergalactic soldier, you should probably hit the books. If Titanfall is representative of man’s aspirations, we’re going no where fast. – GameRevolutions
It’s exactly the game we all wanted it to be. As long as the Azure server infrastructure can keep up with demand, Respawn’s idea will continue to work perfectly. Pilot v. Pilot, Pilot v. Titan, Titan v. Titan. All of the possible gameplay scenarios are compelling, fair, and fun. – Digital Chumps



No actual campaign and focus on four players and one monster feels fresh only for a while. Currently, the constant repetition simply becomes boring, and interesting content fills only a couple of evenings. – Eurogamer Poland
Evolve has rare highs hidden amongst tedious lows. When the title hits its stride, it is easy to see why it was designed in this way – Worth Playing
Evolve has a hint of greatness, but a lack of content at launch and a jarring amount of premium launch and planned DLC hold it back. What we have here is an evolution of the Left 4 Dead formula, not a revolution. – PlayStation LifeStyle
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#6 Massive Over-Hyped Video Games That Everybody Quickly Forgot About