5 Horrible Video Games With Worst Quality Released In Last 6 Years

For the last 10 years, the video games technology has gone really far. Near Photo-realistic graphics, Huge Open World Detailed Maps, Multiple Choice Story Quests and more. But as we all know with great features comes the great responsibility of executing them (Nobody said this but it sounds cool and kinda logical). We counted down some of the worst video game released in the last 6 years

1. Ride To Hell: Retribution

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Ride to Hell: Retribution fails to deliver, to say the least. The game brings to the table a lot of good ideas, but the result is poor. – Multiplayer.it
Simply a really badly developed game, with a few good ideas nullified by a terrifying technical and artistic production, and a bug-ridden gameplay. – MondoXbox
A failed project that should have been scrapped, Ride to Hell: Retribution represents and includes everything bad about video games. – Hardcore Gamer

 2. Aliens: Colonial Marines

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Aliens: Colonial Marines certainly offers a wealth of reverence of the movie it’s aping, but the efforts by TimeGate and Gearbox Software seem misguided and tone-deaf – and that’s not even considering the wooden gunplay, often-broken cutscenes and terrible AI. – AtomicGamer
Aliens: Colonial Marines didn’t leave me catatonic, but it did leave me scratching my head and wondering how a game that’s been in development for roughly seven years at the same studio that gave us Borderlands 2 could be released in such an uninspired, unpolished state. Strangely, and perhaps fittingly, it’s all wrapped up on a frustrating note that sets up some sort of Aliens tell-all continuation of the story without giving any actual answers. – GameSpy
It seems to have the right set up for a decent Aliens game with the presentation and look, but due to the boring story and clunky enemy AI, there is no tension or exciting action. – ZTGD

3. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

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Unfortunately, a few bits of clever design simply can’t make up for the fact that Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor fails on the most fundamental of levels. First and foremost, a game is meant to be played, and Heavy Armor’s unbelievably inept Kinect controls make that a far more difficult prospect than it has any right to be. – EGM
Even if you’re starving for a new mech experience outside of the Armored Core series, there’s no reason to pick up this game, no matter how cheap it gets. – Worth Playing
As combat plays an integral part to Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor and if the Kinect controls worked flawlessly, this game would have been a blast as you fought your enemies. To make matters worse, checkpoints between deaths are far too long which makes it an effort to continue. – Impulsegamer

 4. Blackwater

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A very poorly produced game, with too many problems to be even considered as a possibile buy. – MondoXbox

 Both an insult to gamers and a step backward for the Kinect. We didn’t even get to mentioning the recycled dialogue and animations, the horrendous texture popping, or the out-of-sync subtitles. And a $50 asking price? Must… not… smash… keyboard. – GamesRadar+

This is a bad game from top to bottom, and it doesn’t deserve a moment of your attention. – IGN

 5. Postal III

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Because of the technical ineptitude and the lousy level design, I can’t recommend the game for those looking to have a good time with its mechanics. I suppose someone less desensitized could still find Postal III offensive in an enjoyable way, but the odds are if you’ve been through the previous games this will disappoint on that front as well. – GameShark
This title is intended for gaming fetishists having the same sense of humour, and who are primarily willing to degrade themselves in order to enjoy this incredible frustrating setting filled with flaws and miserable artificial intelligence. – Games.cz
I have no pleasure in talking badly about this game. It’s so poor, that you need a much better comedian and mocker than I am to reveal all of its flaws. The developers have given us a ridicously bad game. – GRYOnline.pl
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#5 Horrible Video Games With Worst Quality Released In Last 6 Years