TitanFall 2 – Latency Is Far Too Pervasive These Days

No matter what medium you game with, no matter the connections you have, it really really sucks when you’re playing an online game and your connection has debilitating issues.  Even my ps4, which plays on ethernet with an average 28 megabytes per second speed sometimes doesn’t want to take a connection; I check my router, it’s fine, I test the internet, it’s a little slow, but my online games just don’t want to start.  This is its own issue.  The issue that is shown in this video is how online game servers need to get their game up, and so does internet infrastructure.

Titanfall 2 is a fine game, with quick, slick gunplay.  You have to move fast most of the time and doing so usually gets you a head up above your opponents.  But when you’re hit with some killer latency, everything can go to shit in a heartbeat.  Hence, this video.  I do sincerely hope you all enjoy my pain.  Sort of kidding, the game is still fun as hell, but this stuff does piss me off.

Direct link to this video is  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEXLwFqKzqk

#TitanFall 2 – Latency Is Far Too Pervasive These Days