4 Amazing Games You Should Play If You Like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Battle Royal has always been fun and quite popular in games like H1Z1 but with the release of PUBG the battle royal mode really blew up. PUBG broke countless steam records and made it into the no.1 position for the most played game on steam and that’s quite an achievement. If you are bored playing too much PUBG but still want to try out new battle royal games then you are at right place!

1. Fortnite

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Fortnite is a new addition to the battle royale genre and is available on your consoles as well as PC. This game pits up to 100 players in a battle to the death on a very large map similar to all other battle royale titles. The game’s closest competitor Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, is still far ahead of Epic’s game with more than 1.4 million concurrent players today, according to Steam.

If grinding for loot, shooting zombies, and building the coolest forts ever sounds like it’s up your alley, I can’t recommend Fortnite enough. – COGconnected
Our expectations from guys like People Can Fly and Epic are usually a little higher, however Fortnite is a good game, a good mixture of the shooting genre and the tower defense genre, with a focus on building stuff. Not too rich, content-wise, and maybe the price is a little bit too high. – The Games Machine
Fortnite incorporates mechanics of survival, crafting and missions in waves. Everything is very well measured and addictive, but there are no surprises or innovation. The microtransactions come to break the balance, and you’ll have to play too many hours to see your character really improve. It’s better that you wait for the free-to-play version.LaPS4

2. DayZ: Battle Royale

DayZ mod for Arma 2 is the game which actually started the whole battle royale genre. The creator of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was the one to develop this battle royale mod, which is known as DayZ for Arma 2. There are small differences from other battle royale games out there, but still, DayZ is the game where it all actually started and players learned to never trust anyone on the island except for themselves.

3. H1Z1: King of the Kill

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H1Z1: King of the Kill is a third-person multiplayer shooter/survival game that also comes with a battle royale game mode making it a similar game to PUBG. H1Z1 retains the crafting feature in the game which lets you craft different items including healing and other essential tools by gathering resources from around the map.

4. Rust: Battle Royale

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Rust is one of the most popular multiplayer survival game out there. It also has a number of servers that are still running the unofficial “Battle Royale” game mode which pits a group of people against each other in the last man standing death-match.

I am seeing a lot of negative reviews on this game and I wanted to shed some light to people on the fence about buying this game. I have over 300 hours of gameplay at the moment and I am still currently playing it. This game is a hardcore survival game and I do mean hardcore. – Riskybeaver

For an alpha release this game is great. It has quite a bit of potential. You can build and fortify you base. You can friend other people in the server and form alliances, or go solo and most likely die. The key to this game is grouping up with others. – jakeguy99

A fun game with a ever expanding selection of things to build and create. The game is just like day z combined with minecraft and sped up a little, so lots of fun. – Rockystop123

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#4 Amazing Games You Should Play If You Like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds