Popular Massive Video Games And Their Lesser-Known Counterparts

I was playing Mario Kart Recently and realized how most of the beginners choose Mario instead of any other character and what hurts the most is that no one picks Luigi in front Mario which is complete bullcrap because I think Luigi is better than Mario in every aspect but then again Mario is the HERO and Luigi is just a sidekick.This got me thinking of popular video games and their lesser-known counterparts and today we are counting down the underrated counterparts of popular games.

Skyrim – Popular


Skyrim is definitely one of the best games of 2011, but if the DLC holds out, it might just be one of the best games of 2012 as well. – Armchair Empire

Dargon Dogma – Dark Arisen – Underrated Counterpart Of Skyrim


A very special gaming experience that no RPG fan should miss, especially this brand new version that improved an already great game. –  PLAY! Zine
Not perfect, but still a shining example of a stellar RPG and one that fans of the genre should readily seek out. – COGconnected
A classic after all these years, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen has certainly been outclassed in many areas and this PC port shows it, but its peerless combat and peon mechanics are still features that many current day games would benefit from incorporating. – LevelUp

Dead By Daylight – Popular


An amazing survival horror experience and my favourite indie game so far this year; you’ll sure as hell see this one on my list of top 5 games of 2016. – Stevivor

Friday The 13th – Underrated Counterpart Of Dead By Daylight


Friday the 13th: The Game is the closest you are ever going to get to being in a Friday The 13th movie. It’s so realistic that I had goosebumps every time I saw Jason. However if you are playing alone it can get a little boring at times, and that makes me wish that there was a decent single player mode But with its authenticity this is the best Friday The 13th game that we may ever have and it will make every fan very happy. – GameGrin 
When it’s finished this has the potential to be a classic multiplayer horror game, but the state it’s in now the original movies feel like they have higher production values. – Metro GameCentral

Dying Light – Popular

dyinglight (1)

I am truly blown away by how gorgeous this game looks. From every angle and every vantage point, the sprawling, desolate city has been created in vivid detail and the lighting effects help to create a sense of realism to your plight that can even make you feel a little like this event could actually happen. – Cheat Code Central

State Of Decay – Underrated Counterpart Of Dying Light


It might be more of an ugly duckling than the console versions were, but this is still the zombie-survival game we’ve been waiting for all these years. It’s not perfect, and sure as hell not an ageless beauty, but in breadth and depth utterly fresh and fully engaging. One of the most pleasant surprises of the year. – Eurogamer Germany
State of Decay holds together like a rusty, duct-taped piece of DIY weaponry, but offers an unusual, open-world survival exercise that few other zombie titles can match – IncGamers
It is a pity that you cannot fight together with others players against the zombie hordes. Because behind the sometimes ugly façade hides an interesting living (or dead) world in which you truly have to fight to survive. – 4Players.de

For Honor – Popular

for honor 10

Ubisoft has managed to bring a fresh experience to the genre. It is true that we’ve already seen medieval themed games, but not a single one like For Honor. Solid gameplay mechanics, interesting visuals and remarkable sound effects. However, it is a shame that it lacks content, with a single player campaign that adds nothing to the experience. These lacking elements can overshadow Ubisoft’s good work and bury the game before they expect. – LaPS4

Absolver – Underrated Counterpart Of For Honor


Absolver is one of the top games of the year. While its level design can use some work, its combat system should be studied and worshiped by anyone trying to make a fighting game. – Gaming Nexus
Combining gorgeous if deceptively simple graphics with an innovative approach to combat, Absolver is a welcome breath of fresh air to the sometimes predictable fighting game genre. – GamingTrend
Absolver offers a truly unique take on the combat genre, with a peculiar mix between single and multiplayer. Technically solid and visually inspired, it suffers from a sometimes confused level design and the absence of a real, high-level endgame – The Games Machine
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#Popular Massive Video Games And Their Lesser-Known Counterparts