Intelligent VR Games That You Should Play Right Now

Virtual Reality might not be great as we all thought it would be but it is surely gaining momentum slowly and that’s a really good sign. VR Headset is mainly selling because of video games and how players can lose themselves in a world made out of pixels. Today we have listed down some really intelligent and fun VR games that you should play right now!

1. Chronos

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It’s an engaging game that took me about 20 hours to finish. It travels to far lands, features challenging bosses, and does an impressive job of showing that, even from a third-person perspective, games in VR can transport you to another world. [Tested with Oculus Rift] – Game Informer
The immersion of VR elevates this strong action RPG journey into something special. [Oculus Tested] – PC Gamer
Chronos is a good action RPG that shows you how to play a VR game with a third-person perspective. –

2. Esper 2


It borrows a lot of inspiration from classic PC adventure games, but also manages to inject some of its own signature humor in and usher us into the new dawn of virtual reality without feeling like a tech demo — even if the experience itself is fleeting. [VR Tested] – Destructoid
Using the full potential of VR technology, Esper 2 immerses you into its fantasy worlds, offering plethora of intriguing and varied puzzles set in 3D space. If only it lasted longer, it would be our favorite VR game so far. – PLAY! Zine
This is a little puzzle gem for Oculus Rift that would be even better with the inclusion of Oculus Touch. [Tested with Oculus Rift] –

3. Eve: Valkyrie

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Up to now no other games manages to capture the illusion of actually sitting in a speedy spaceship like CCPs space action developed exclusively for VR. It might not be completed yet, but it shows off what VR can do to gaming. [Tested with Oculus Rift] –
EVE Valkyrie is one of the best titles for our Virtual Reality headsets, and a big step forward for spacefight sims. –
Currently the best multiplayer experience on the Oculus Rift, if only the servers were more populated due to the bungled launch of the Rift. Easily recommendable once more people have headsets if you’ve got a hankering for space dogfighting. – CGMagazine

4. Space Pirate Trainer

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Overall, Space Pirate Trainer is a lot of fun and addictive, and features great mechanics, but it’s also a bit vanilla and predictable. It’s done well, but with myriad VR wave shooters to choose from now, it doesn’t stand out as novel or overly exciting. What it is, though, is a solid, energetic VR wave shooter that continued to challenge me and made me come back to try and get my initials emblazoned on the various leaderboards. Just like my old arcade days, I found myself saying “Let me try just one more time to get my initials on the board.” – UploadVR
This is definitely one of the better VR “turret” shooters – the controls are spot on, the challenge level adequate. Unfortunately there is not enough content. –

5. Raw Data

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Raw Data is like the final solid release of VR gaming’s first wave, and the beginning of the second. It’s gorgeous and features a large, expansive world, but it does still offer the same wave based shooter gameplay that has dominated the VR space. It does it much better than most of its competitors though, and the added touches of turrets, multiple weapons, and special abilities really bring it to a new level. – Attack of the Fanboy
Raw Data is hands down the best shooting experience to come to VR in its life so far. I loved the gameplay in the single player element and can’t get enough of the multiplayer. The inclusion of classes brings a new aspect to the genre and adds replayability, and as long as the developers keep up with new content for the multiplayer and the communities sticks with it this will be the VR game that everyone talks about when bringing up the pros of the technology. – Gaming Age 
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