5 Most Shocking Video Game Released In The Year 2009

Check out the best games released in the year 2008. In this series, I compile some of the greatest games released in last 17 years. We have started from 2000 and will end the series in the year 2017. Counting down the best of the best video games released last 17 years.

So without any further ado let’s head right into best video game released in 2009. A new article will be posted soon covering the best games released in 2010. 

Uncharted 2


Uncharted 2 is one of the most memorable video games ever created. Not because it is particularly innovative, but because the mixture of shooting, climbing, creeping, thinking, laughing and simple astonishment works perfectly. – Cynamite

The single player story is one of the most memorable I’ve experienced in a long time, and the new multiplayer component is far from a tack on. It’s a significant addition that presents tremendous replay value. Simply put, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is the complete package. – Game Over Online

One of the best games to come out this year. An extremely immersive story, solid gameplay, great sound, addictive multiplayer, and one of the best-looking games of all time. – GamerNode

COD: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2


It’s hard to see the majority of people wanting to play any other multiplayer shooter until the next CoD is released, such is the quality of what’s on offer here. – VideoGamer
Infinity Ward has managed to outdo themselves with this sequel, a tremendous feat in its own right. If the games of 2009 were stacked up against each other, there’s no question that Modern Warfare 2 would be incredibly close to the apex, fighting viciously for the top spot and, for many people, getting there and continuing upward. This is what gaming is supposed to feel like. – Gamervision
The surprise factor of the first Modern Warfare is missing and the PC version is by far the worst in the PS3, X360 and PC trio. This new Call of Duty iteration exceeds every expectation with its off-line mode, but loses its place among the best shooters of this year because of its poorly designed and badly executed multiplayer. – 3DJuegos




I was initially pretty skeptical about Braid, and it took me some time to get past the game’s severe melancholy. I eventually found the game’s story and the way it plays against the gameplay to be academically interesting, and the game’s final payoff is terrific, but it’s the ingenuity of the mechanics that makes Braid so engaging. – Giant Bomb
Braid is a rare gem in the gaming world. It combines a wonderful audiovisual presentation, a philosophical story and ingenious puzzle gameplay into a brilliant gaming experience. If one game would deserve it to be called art, Braid would be that one game – Gamer.nl
Despite the occasionally high frustration levels of Braid, the game is cleverly designed and often very rewarding. – Thunderbolt

Batman Arkham Asylum


Batman: Arkham Asylum is a massive triumph: Action, stealth and investigation as its best. The best videogame based on Bob Kane’s composition, and the best superhero game this far too. A brilliant work that drives Rocksteady to the highest rank of developers. – 3DJuegos
Everything about this game–the impressive visuals, stirring soundtrack, superb voice acting, fiendish puzzles, hard-hitting combat–feels like it has been lovingly crafted by a development team that’s both knowledgeable and passionate about the source material. Miss out on this one and the joke’s on you. – GameSpot
Batman: Arkham Asylum is the ultimate Batman experience, hands down. – Impulsegamer

Assassins Creed II


Not only an unreservedly brilliant and compelling follow-up, but one of the finest games we’ve ever played. Boasting a suitably grand soundtrack, majestic aesthetics and masterful level design, Assassin’s Creed II is everything we could have ever wished for and so much more. Forget Modern Warfare 2, Assassin’s Creed II is without a doubt this year’s biggest and best. – GameWatcher 
Perhaps the ultimate testimony is the fact that it left us longing for another sequel, something the original certainly never achieved. – Total Video Games
Assassin’s Creed II is more than a great sequel because it does things the first game couldn’t even hope to accomplish. There are tons of surprises in store, so if you enjoyed the original – or even if you only kind of liked it – this is one of those sequels that absolutely must be played. – GameZone
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#5 Most Shocking Video Game Released In The Year 2009