Star Wars Battlefront II – Impressions And Superb Infantry

I’m having good fun with Battlefront 2, and I’m not going to say the same things about the scary potential pay to win that exists in it.  I will say that the gameplay is in a good place, graphics are better than ever, a sound is on point, and the replayability seems better than the first.  I give more of my first impressions in the whole video, some funny observations and concerning questions throughout this compilation of exclusively highlights from my Battlefront 2 gameplay.

I sat down with my friend Bloatedmidgets and Battlefront 2 and burned away over 4 hours of my life.  From that 4 hours, I got about 41 minutes of greatness.  And it’s for all you viewers.  I still haven’t lost hope for this game.  DICE might just pull it out.  By the way, I wanted to mess around and try out Tritanopia color blind settings, it was actually pretty fun and interesting for me, and that’s why you’re seeing yellow and purple, not blue and red.  I hope you all enjoy.

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#Star Wars Battlefront II – Impressions And Superb Infantry