5 Disappointing Video Games That Had Amazing Graphics

Graphics in video games do matter a lot and without graphics, you cannot even imagine how a proper game would work with no art, no characters, no assets. But should game developers put ALL of their efforts into the graphics development? Absolutely not and today we have those games that had some of the best graphics but suffered from bad gameplay and overall quality.

5. Dark Void

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Dark Void is a great example of wasted potential. The story, the “jetpack-flying-action”, the 3D-Gameplay … all that in combination could have made a great game, but thanks to a boring mission- and level-design, repetitive enemies and mediocre graphics it just isn’t. – Gamers.at
Unfortunately, Dark Void does not meet any of our expectations. What could have been an interesting shooter with seamlessly integrated flight combat turns out to be a mediocre looking action game without outstanding moments. Besides the uninspired look and the boring level design, the biggest problem is, that there are just not enough possibilities to use the jetpack in a cool way. Most of the time you are either flying or walking. Only in a handful of situations it’s really useful to fire up your turbines during an on-foot-fight and show the enemies what death from above really means. – PC Games

4. No Man’s Sky

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The fundamental gameplay isn’t deep or rewarding enough for me to stick around and explore many of the planets the game has to offer. With such basic combat and inventory management, it quickly wears thin and you’ll feel like you’re dragging yourself from system to system in search of Atlas. – Trusted Reviews
We buy video games to play them, not simply marvel at what they can do. Its technological advancements and sheer scope may indeed be incredible, but No Man’s Sky’s repetitive world and gameplay are decidedly less than stellar. – Yahoo!
Even if you don’t like random generated universes, No Man’s Sky is really amazing as a giant sandbox to travel and enjoy it as a virtual place to stay, unfortunately we can’t say the same of its boring and uninspired quests and ambiguous progression. – Atomix

 3. Lair

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Once you’ve got the controls down, you’ll find an enjoyable action game out of Lair. For the most part, the game is visually appealing and striking in most cases, but it’s not without its faults. – PSX Extreme
It certainly looks amazing, and the epic soundtrack fits the game’s fantasy theme, but Lair suffers from repetitive missions, cheesy voice acting and choppy animation. Fighting for ten minutes, dying and restarting from the beginning gets old real fast, and the cookie cutter story failed to hold our interests. – GameDaily
The game does look pretty at times, and music is moving. But the poor control scheme and overall cheese factor are too much for me to deal with. Unfortunately, simply looking and sounding good doesn’t add up to a well-rounded experience.  – GameTap

 2. Resident Evil 6

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Even though it looks more beautiful and crisp on this generation of consoles, Resident Evil 6 continues to be a game with a lack of identity and many, many problems. – GameOver.gr
The same linear, patronisingly simplistic time waster it always was, but if you really must have a remaster of Resident Evil 6 this isn’t a bad job. – Metro GameCentral
Resident Evil 6 continues down the divergent path of shaping the series into more of a third-person shooter game than survival horror, but there’s so much content here that’s actually fun to play through it’s difficult to criticize it too much. – Twinfinite

 1. The Order: 1886

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You’ll not find a prettier AAA game on PS4. Unfortunately, you’ll probably not find a shorter one either. Doesn’t reinvent the wheel, just affixes the blingest steampunk spinner rims you can imagine. [April 2015, p70] – Playstation Official Magazine Australia
With a focus mainly on story, cinematics, directing and technical implementation, The Order 1886 leaves you with a sense of hunger and a feeling that you spent your money only to get a short portion of this stunning spectacle. – Eurogamer Poland
When you experience a sense of repetition in game that is only five to seven hours long, you know that the actual game design aspect wasn’t the priority for the project. – CGMagazine 
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#5 Disappointing Video Games That Had Amazing Graphics