4 Amazing Online Video Games with Decent Communities

If you play online games you know how bad things can get. 12 Years old everywhere raging while they are losing or just can’t keep up with the competition. Almost every popular online game has a community filled with toxicity and that is really bad for a game reputation as it will discourage newcomers to join a specific popular game. But some games have really good communities and today we are counting those games which have decent (NOT GREAT) communities. Hope you guys like it!

Rocket League

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Amazing, simply amazing. Rocket League has the perfect balance of fun and competitive gameplay and is a must for…Well anyone really. – Gamestyle

A fresh new take on football, Rocket League serves both as a fast and fun diversion as well as a deep and complex multiplayer experience to really sink your teeth into. –PC Games

Most sports would probably be better if human participants were replaced with cars. While this thesis is typically reserved for late night conversations with close friends, Psyonix accepted it as a genuine assignment and produced Rocket League. It’s soccer with cars—and the execution of this idea has no business being as good as the fantasy. – Digital Chumps

Total War: Rome

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Few things are more satisfying than watching the bodies fly as your cavalry charge breaks through a defensive line or watching your elephants flatten your foes as they run away in terror. Rome: Total War adds much needed personality to the battle. No other game in the strategy genre does it better. – G4 TV
Without a doubt one of the best strategy games I’ve played. Activision has successfully combined full RTS and turn based genres in one game while maintaining the balance between them, putting any serious strategy fan to the test. – Gamezilla!
I suppose the most telling thing about this game is the way that it draws you in, making you ponder every turn-based move, knowing it will affect the outcome of each battle with each enemy army that takes offence to you. – RealGamer

Dark Souls

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It’s tragic that not all of us have the time or temperament to play through Dark Souls, but one truth remains clear: if you’re ready for it, it’s ready for you. – 1UP
Few games combine tension, atmosphere, deep combat and interesting online play in a way that can even compete with Dark Souls. – TotalPlayStation
Dark Souls is one of the defining RPGs of this generation that goes above and beyond the genre to bring us something terrifying and unforgettable. An unmissable gem for the daring. – PALGN

Guild Wars 2

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Guild Wars 2 surpasses the original in every aspect, from its massive and atmospheric world to its addictive and engrossing gameplay. – Gaming Nexus
When ArenaNet first released its MMO Manifesto we knew they were aiming for something revolutionary with Guild Wars 2. What we got is the first worthy successor to World of Warcraft. – Ten Ton Hammer
To Guild Wars 2’s credit, its issues do little detract from the immensely rewarding experience of the whole. It doesn’t overthrow the conventions of the MMORPG, but it presents them in fresher and livelier packaging than its competitors. – GameSpy
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#4 Online Games with Decent Communities