10 Worst Video Games Released In 2017 (So Far)

In Real World 2017 is not a very great year as tons of unfortunate events took place that shocked the entire world BUT for video games, it was the golden year as amazing games like BOTW and HZD showed what they are capable of. Then again 2017 is not a perfect year for gaming either as it also packed up some of the worst games ever made. Today we are counting the worst games released in 2017

10. Double Dragon IV

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Even for those looking for a nostalgic trip through time, you are just much better off playing the original game and avoiding the mess that is Double Dragon IV. – Attack of the Fanboy
I am certainly not immune to the charms of 80s and 90s game design, but the NES version of Double Dragon wasn’t a great example for Double Dragon 4 to follow. It’s not just that this simplistic beat-em-up formula didn’t age well graphically or mechanically, it’s that it simply isn’t very fun or engaging to play in 2017. – IGN
The ‘80s nostalgia is laid on so thick you could almost choke from it, in this joyless proof that too much nostalgia can be a bad thing. – Metro GameCentral

9. Moto Racer 4

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This feels like a great disappointment. Moto Racer 4’s budget upbringing can do little to forgive the twitchy handling and tough career objectives. For an arcade racer, fun moments are in short supply and fans of the series might want to avoid this. There’s challenge and frustration in abundance but the core racing doesn’t excite me. –

Moto Racer 4 is not a bad game, but it is a shallow, arcade motorcycle racer. It might be perfectly serviceable, and average racer that is fun enough in short spurts, but it really doesn’t do enough to separate itself from the racing pack in any meaningful or memorable way either. – Digitally Downloaded
Another generic arcade racer fun but forgettable in every way. – 3DJuegos

8. Valkyria Revolution

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Valkyria Revolution is an extremely wrong-headed attempt to re-invent a series that needed no such treatment, and falls short on just about every level. – App Trigger
An inexplicably dull follow-up to Valkyria Chronicles, that jettisons almost everything that made the original interesting in favour of bland Dynasty Warriors style combat. – Metro GameCentral
Tries valiantly to weave a tale of political intrigue, but it’s undermined by repetitive mission design, poor menus, and an anonymous cast. If you were hoping for a worthy successor to Valkyria Chronicles, you will be sadly disappointed. – USgamer

7. Vroom In The Night Sky

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Vroom in the night sky offers so little content and such poor communication that it is hard to think of any reasons to recommend this to anyone. Technically the game works – there are no major bugs or glitches, levels and items unlock as you’d expect and pressing accelerate makes your bike go forwards – but that doesn’t make it enjoyable. Steer clear of this one and save your hard-earned cash for other titles that deserve your attention.Nintendo Life
I believe Poisoft is capable of creating something much better. It’s such a shame. What’s presented here isn’t awful, but it’s not necessarily good either. Giving the game more time to develop would have benefitted it greatly. In its current state, Vroom in the Night Sky feels more like an alpha build rather than a full release. – Vooks
A few weeks after the console’s release, you have to scroll a little way to reach the bottom of the Nintendo eShop’s Recent Releases list to find Vroom! in the Night’s Sky. Don’t bother. It’s complete bobbins. –TheSixthAxis

6. The Caligula Effect

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The Caligula Effect’s combat is undoubtedly a major point in the game’s favour, but when you stack it up against a forgettable story, terrible music, and a camera that doesn’t want to cooperate, it’s hard to say that it’s nearly enough to make the game worth checking out. – Gaming Age
Sadly, The Caligula Effect really just amounts to a waste of time. It’s a shame because there’s some neat ideas within it, particularly on the premise and story side of things, that are stuck behind terrible design choices and poor implementation. Despite its short length — approaching twenty hours depending on how well players can avoid the mindless drones — there’s no reason to abandon other plans to give it a try. – RPGamer

5. Dead Effect 2

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I wonder what horrors await me in Dead Effect 3, and I mean it not in a good way because this game fails as first-person shooter. – Riot Pixels
Dead Effect 2 might have been acceptable on mobile phones, but it doesn’t work here. Every aspect of Dead Effect 2 is worse than other games in the same genre on Steam. – IGN Sweden
A confusing interface, a bad Artificial Intelligence, and an overall look that can’t hide the mobile genesis of the game. Dead Effect 2 could be fun for a couple of hours, but is really cheap on the long run. – Everyeye.it

4. Syberia 3

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While the puzzles leave a decent impression, the numerous technical problems as well as the weird changes of perspective make this a frustrating and sluggish experience. – 4Players.de
Syberia 3 is a missed opportunity. The game has a nice story and some puzzles are very fun to solve, but the bad controls, the drops in framerate and the awful lip syncing ruin the experience. – XGN
Kate Walker’s latest expedition to save the hapless Youkols is fraught with development missteps on multiple fronts, making Syberia 3 a mammoth disappointment. – Adventure Gamers

3. Deformers

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A nice idea, spoiled by too-little content and an overly high price. Several weeks after its launch it’s almost impossible to find anyone to play with, and for an online-only game this is a huge problem. – MondoXbox
Don’t bother yourself with Deformers; it’s too pricey, sparsely populated, and not really fun to play anyway. – TheXboxHub
The concept in itself is fine, but De-Formers never turns a promising idea into a worthwhile experience. Shame. – PSX-Sense.nl

2. Dying: Reborn

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Even if the voice acting sucks, even if the puzzles are blatantly obvious, I think there’s a massive gulf between bad and unspeakably terrible. In fact, for the simple reason the game is completely playable, you could possibly even argue that Dying: Reborn (non-PSVR) edition is profoundly mediocre. That’s not enough to make it worth checking out by any means, but it also means that the game doesn’t really deserve the title of “Worst Game of 2017” quite yet. – Gaming Age
Dying: Reborn PSVR has some fun puzzles to solve, but it’s far too short on substance to recommend to anyone. By carving out sections of the non-VR game, Oasis Games has created something a little like the game’s disturbing fish-headed protagonist; a hollow Frankenstein’s monster, brought to life with left overs. PSVR players deserve better. – UploadVR
Ultimately, Dying: Reborn is a halfway competent puzzler, but a failure as a horror game.GameSpew

1. Reservoir dogs: Bloody Days

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Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days gives birth to a great idea but offers nothing more. Despite the interesting rewind mechanics, this is a boring game, confusing and very repetitive.3DJuegos
Although it has some interesting ideas, but the execution isn’t that good. It’s may feature, the rewinding mechanic, doesn’t really work as it should, and it lacks other accomplishments to make up for it. – Vandal
Even if it wasn’t a gross misuse of a license, Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is a boring, buggy game with a universal selling point that’s nowhere as fun, or as smart, as it thinks it is. And just like Joe Cabot, I’m so goddamn mad hollering at you guys, I can hardly talk. – Destructoid
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#10 Worst Video Games Released In 2017 (So Far)