5 Most Awesome Hack and Slash Games Video Games

Hack and slash are one of those gaming genres that faded over the time and for the last 5-7 years, we have not received a big “AAA” hack and slash game that ticks all the correct options for good H&S games. I personally don’t know why Hack and Slash games are as popular as they were used to be but I still like them mainly because of how fun they are. Today we have listed down some of our favorites Hack And Slash Games.


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From start to finish, the main element that propels Ninja Gaiden above all others in the action genre is the dazzling combat-based gameplay. – Thunderbolt
No other game manages to deliver on the potential of controlling a ninja with this much flair and authority – it is, no bullshit, one of the finest action games ever made. Sever my spinal cord if I’m lying. – Eurogamer
The majority of folks will clock in for a 20-plus-hour thrill ride. Few games are this good, for so long, and still keep you coming back for more. Ninja Gaiden is truly outstanding. – GamePro



Enhanced graphics and controls, customizable Zangeki settings, packed with full DLC support, Rising’s PC version is the true definition of lightning bolt action. – Merlin’in Kazanı (Turkey)
Revengeance isn’t a perfect game but it sure is a fun one, and it made the jump to PC with ease. – Hooked Gamers
With hands of good craftsmen a great basis turns into gold, literally. Well, at least if you render homage to frantic fighting games, or to Kojima’s obscure opuses. You see, you’ll get the best of both. – Games.cz


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Nioh has a lot to offer with its deep combat system, and it’s an overall addicting action game for fans of Ninja Gaiden and Dark Souls. – Gamers’ Temple
Saying that Nioh is a “Souls clone” not only doesn’t do justice to a superb game, but can be quite misleading. Nioh stands on its own as a masterpiece from Team Ninja that reminds us the Ninja Gaiden glory days of the studio. – GameOver.gr
Nioh is, quite simply, one of the finest games of this console generation. – New York Daily News


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This PC release brings with it a gorgeous graphic update, with smooth 60fps and 4K visuals you can see every detail the development team created for you. This is truly the definitive edition of this game, and one that you have to pick up if you are a PC gamer, whether you played Bayonetta when it launched originally or not. Bayonetta is a great hack and slash that takes what works in other games and adds its own unique flair and style, which pays off handsomely. – Gaming Age
 It took a long time for the Umbra Witch to climax on PC but after seven years she finally arrived. And she didn’t miss a beat. This was and still is a first class action-adventure full of creativity, adrenaline fueled battles and sassiness beyond belief. And unlike Nier Automata this is a decent, albeit option lacking PC port. – 4Players.de 



Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Its combat mechanics and puzzles are strong, but its true strengths lies with its ability to tell a story and craft a world that differentiates itself from other titles out there. Together, we’re offered an adventure that is equally horrifying and brilliant – a true masterpiece of a game. – Gamer.no
Few mainstream video games have tried, let alone achieved, anything close to the emotional intensity that courses through this game. – Washington Post
Rather than exploit psychological trauma so as to advance shallow narratives, the game is committed to putting an often-misinterpreted and dismissed subject front and center. – Slant Magazine
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#5 Most Awesome Hack and Slash Games Video Games