5 Genius Video Games That Were Way Ahead Of Their Time

We have done these types of articles in past before but every single time we found games that were way ahead of their competitor’s whether it is in terms of graphics, storytelling, or gameplay mechanics. the games that are down below had something at their time that was “GENIUS” like the realistic facial motion capture present in LA.Noire or the confusing yet fun portal system in PORTAL. Without any further ado let’s begin.

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Portal (2007)

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From beginning to end, it’s hard to find something not to like about Portal. Everything from the gameplay to the presentation are top-notch. – GamerNode

Portal is a magnificent puzzle game. The titillating wrongness of every solution and the wonky thinking required to get there make you feel like a space-folding genius, and yet you’ll almost never get stuck. – PC Gamer UK

With delightfully unique gameplay and fantastically witty writing, Portal is a huge success. – GameSpot

L.A. Noire

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L.A. Noire’s intriguing character profile, deep interrogation and investigation system, and impeccably detailed facial technology puts this detective thriller in a class of its own. – Playstation Universe

This is vastly different from the countless first- and third-person shooters and all the “me too” open-world games sitting on store shelves. All the things I’ve only read about in Dashiell Hammett novels, or seen in film classics like Double Indemnity, have all come to interactive life in L.A. Noire. – 1UP

S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl

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From its alternate reality setting and realistic gun mechanics to its trading system and action horror formula, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is radioactive rareness. – GameZone
 By itself, the game is a fascinating achievement, even if you trip over technical cracks more than you should. – IGN
The atmosphere of the game is so thick that you can cut it…Even though it all ends kind of sudden[ly], S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is still one of the best First Person Shooters I’ve played in a long time, especially if you like the post-apocalyptic atmosphere from games like “Fallout.” – Boomtown

Kill Switch

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It’s filled with cool ideas and a control system to die for. You’re not really sneaking around, but you are hiding a lot – and it’s the mechanics behind the hiding that makes the game so damn satisfying. – Official U.S. Playstation Magazine

A good shooter, perched on the boundary between realistic and cinematic. It’s got a great story, too. – Game Over Online
 A mindless shooter indeed but when all you want to do is kick the asses of enemies without much thinking, it doesn’t get much better than Kill Switch. If you loved the idea of Contra then you likely will enjoy this romp through carnage. – PSX Nation


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Easily the most addictive game I have played this year on either console or computer and would be a welcome addition to any adventure gamer’s collection. – Just Adventure

The greatest part of the game is the final fight. The way you fight the boss is brilliant and very original. – GamingTrend

The atmosphere of the castle is added to both by the superb sound and pacing of the game. The mellow speed of the game means that while there is the odd moment of button-hammering terror, most often you have time to sit back and rubberneck at the environments around you. – Computer and Video Games
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#5 Genius Video Games That Were Way Ahead Of Their Time