4 Beautiful Indie Video Games Released In The Year 2017

In the last 5 years, the quality of Indie games has increased in a drastic way. Surprisingly enough some low budget indie games are much better and polished than games with multi-million budget and 100s of developers *cough cough MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA cough cough*

I think indie games have a great impact on the modern gaming industry and it is really good because they purely target on content not crappy DLC or pre-order bonuses and especially the developers of these games are really co-operative and ambitious about their games, unlike EA or Ubisoft.

Well, 2017 was a really good for indie games and we have listed down our favorite ones.


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If you want a great story told well, that will last an afternoon, then get Tacoma. It knows what it wants to be, and it does that perfectly. – GameGrin

Tacoma is a beautifully told story filled with real characters and real emotion that you won’t be able to put down until you’ve experienced it in full.GameSpew

Though short, Tacoma is a great narrative adventure, especially for fans of sci-fi.RPG Fan


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Pyre teaches you to fight tirelessly for your freedom, but to question the definition of that freedom as well. I like the sports-combat a little more each time I play. And Pyre fetishizes the tools of the writer’s trade, but more importantly focuses on the art and dialogue of good storytelling.Gaming Nexus

Pyre is a game-changer. It’s a shoo-in for best indie game of the year, and it will be a crime if it isn’t at least competing for Game of the Year by the time December rolls around. As someone who walked in without any expectations, color me surprised.
From the art to the music to the story to the tactical gameplay, and even to how they’re all woven together so artfully, Pyre is an adventure that excels in every area of its design other than limiting its multiplayer to local only. – IGN

Night in the Woods

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While slow in patches when it deviates from its core strengths, or occasionally fiddly in its mini-games, the game is buoyed by its dialogue, warm and charming art style, and Holowka’s soundtrack, which keeps even the occasionally clunky platforming from feeling too tedious. – Guardian

Anthropomorphic animals of Night in the Woods are far more humane, honest and touching than human-like robots of many other games that try to tell a simple, down-to-earth story. – Game World Navigator Magazine

Witty, smart and great to look at, there are many worse ways to spend your time than a Night in with Night in the Woods. – God is a Geek

The Witness

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The Witness feels like the fulfillment of that dynamic, a way of ingeniously hiding locks and keys and entire modes of inquiry in plain sight. Blow’s triumph lies in his insight into the thresholds of human perspective, how information travels and agglomerates, and how, given the right frame of mind, any of us might move mountains. – Time

This is one of those genuinely special experiences that, at least in the case of Blow’s track record, only come along once a generation. Be sure not to miss out on this instant classic. –  ActionTrip

This world is made to challenge the player and make the player feel proud. That works well on this island full of puzzles, which uses riddles to form an interesting story. – Gamer.nl
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#4 Beautiful Indie Video Games Released In The Year 2017