Gorgeous Calm Video Games That Make You Feel Like An Angel

When we say “Video Games” a screen of shooting, Killing, Running away from enemies, appears instantly in our brain because in majority those are the things we see the most in almost every game. Its fun killing bad guys or jumping out of an airplane without a parachute but there is a certain point where we cannot take it anymore thus we need a relaxing experience. Today we have listed down some of the most beautiful calm and relaxing video games you should play.

Hmm. I might have gotten a too far on the title BUTT it works right? Anyways let’s start


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Abzu is something that was never even on my radar. Then I booted it up, and never let go. Every area was an experience, and it made an impact on me. I don’t spend my time trying to figure out what it means, I just enjoyed the ride, and it is easy to recommend. Especially to those that enjoy the idea of swimming in the depths of the ocean, and exploring the alien life found below the waves. – ZTGD

ABZÛ is a wonderful experience that follows the path of games such as Flower or Journey, where we play to feel. This is an almost perfect masterpiece which should be played by everyone. – Areajugones

Abzu is a testament to where we are with video game development and shows how diverse the medium can and should be, even if it’s not quite as emotionally resonant as it perhaps could have been. – VideoGamer


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An already beautiful experience is made even more gorgeous on the PlayStation 4 — Journey is a trip worth taking. It’s a bite sized adventure that you won’t soon forget. – Attack of the Fanboy

After three years, Journey is still the most emotional and powerful video game of the PlayStation era. Just buy it, and enjoy a better life. – Eurogamer Italy

Short but intense and especially memorable. You can not say that Journey exploit the technical capabilities of PS4, but even with those, we continue to one of those experiences that every gamer should experience once in a lifetime. – IGN Spain


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Firewatch is a fantastic game, it has great storytelling and believable characters. It’s one of the more refreshing gaming experiences I’ve had in years. – IGN Sweden

The ending will be a point of contention for some, but it all comes down to a perspective and regardless of that, you should play this game. – GameWatcher

Whether you’re looking for several hours of mystery and drama or just a magnificent world to explore, do yourself a favor and spare a few hours of your time to experience Firewatch. – PLAY! Zine

2. Euro Truck Simulator 2

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A surprising truly well-done simulation that puts you behind a truck letting you enjoy discovering and exploring Europe. – SpazioGames

Improved controls, believable driving physics and a lot of other improvements make this the best freight vehicle simulator. – 4Players.de

With its stellar gameplay and presentation, Euro Truck Simulator 2 set a new standard for the simulation genre. – Gaming Nexus

1. Everything

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It is the rare game that may push you to want to lead a better life. – Washington Post

The few hours I spent with Everything were far from wasted. It is a one-of-a-kind interactive experience that will lead most players to think long and hard about the universe and their place in it. Any game that can do that – and especially one that does it with such panache and fearless ambition – earns my stamp of approval. – Post Arcade (National Post)

Everything takes this strange comfort of the procedurally generated personal to a universal scale, and it is good. It’s really good. Everything is a game that knows what its core strengths are, and it does not shy away from them: everything persists, and everything is connected. – Guardian

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#Gorgeous Calm Video Games That Make You Feel Like An Angel