When You Like A Game But A Game Doesn’t Like You

This is a video that is true to life for people who haven’t ever played Rocket League.  I had a really good run with Rocket League.  I had lots of fun, got to a high rank at one point, and had lots of laughs.  But then I stopped.  Wonder why?  Whole lots of rank (get it?  Both smell and competition?) bullshit and plenty and plenty of weird, unpredictable physics and mechanics.  Even so, this game was really fun for a little while, and I know that some of you all share the same sentiments.  I hope people are still playing the game, it deserves a long lifetime, but I hope they aren’t getting as mad as I had gotten.  Hope you all enjoy soaking in my misery!  To see more videos of me crying inside

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#When You Like A Game But A Game Doesn’t Like You