8 Greatest Action-Adventure Video Games Of This Decade

Action-Adventure genre is really big and huge genre compared to others. A Good action-adventure game needs a heavy deep combat system and an in-depth storyline that perfectly matches the tone and atmosphere of the game. This is a really big topic to cover but we tried our best to do this and we know there are hundreds of awesome games missing from the list so please let us know in the comments what games we missed on and we might add it up!

8.Red Dead Redemption

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Red Dead Redemption is more than a great western, it’s the first time this type of game has been successfully recreated for a home game console. – Gaming Nexus

With Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar succeeds in creating one of the most impressive open worlds I’ve ever seen in a game, and it’s telling that — even after playing for over 30 hours — all I want to do is get back on my horse and gallop back into the wilderness. – GameSpy

RDR is a phenomenal game that stands out as one of the year’s best. The utmost attention to detail is apparent in every aspect, and is something that no gamer should miss. – GamerNode

7. L.A. Noire

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It’s a bold, cinematic step forward in a genre that’s dying for innovation, and its implementation of the MotionScan technology is truly a game-changer. – GamePro

It is not perfect, and each player will find his own vices and virtues, but we don’t remember many projects with such ambition that comes so close to perfection. – Vandal

L.A. Noire’s absorbing investigations and intoxicating sense of style make it an unforgettable journey through the seamy side of the City of Angels. – GameSpot

6.Batman: Arkham City

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There’s a real sense of progression to Arkham City in its gameplay, in its story, in the variety of its missions (the abundance of open world side-quests will keep you busy for a long, long time), and in the evolution of its pointy-eared protagonist, that really deserves to be commended. – GamePro

Rocksteady already proved that they’re an amazing studio with Arkham Asylum, but with Arkham City they now belong to the Olympus of the Action/Adventure genre. This game is the ultimate superhero experience. – 3DJuegos

Arkham City is stuffed to the edge of the disc with content and replay value (in addition to the gigantic campaign there’s an expanded Challenge Mode and New Game Plus), is incredible amounts of fun, is polished to perfection, has had real love poured into every aspect, and most importantly, it makes you feel like Batman. – GameWatcher

5.The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

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Skyward Sword is an epic, the sort of epic you call out of work or school for a few days to complete. A focused playthrough will take you north of 30 hours, and if you try to 100% the game, there is a 50+ hour quest to go through. Throw in the second quest, dubbed Hero Mode, and there is a lot of game to play. – NintendoWorldReport

An exhilarating journey in every sense. Skyloft is an area you’ll want to explore and Skyward Sword is well worth the wait. Prepare to be amazed. – N-Europe

Overall, this is the best experience I’ve had playing a Zelda game since Ocarina of Time and I’d have to say they are pretty equal in my opinion. Either way, you won’t be disappointed getting this game, it’s a masterpiece. – Armchair Empire

4.The Last of Us

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The heart-rending story isn’t romanticizing nor does it drift into the pathos other, less subtle games so often lean towards. That’s the line where good craftsmanship becomes art, and an excellent game. – Eurogamer Germany
A masterpiece, that breaks the self imposed barriers of gaming narrative and ensnares the player with intelligent gameplay and brilliant A.I. Anyone wanting to tackle the same themes will have to be compared to Naughty Dog’s work in the future, and it won’t be pretty. – SpazioGames
There was no violence for violence sake, everything felt like it was done with perfect context. The writers and those that acted in the game all deserve a lot of credit, it was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had with a controller in my hands. – Gamestyle

3.Grand Theft Auto V

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After the long wait, PC-gamers get what they have been hoping for. We cannot deny it; the PC is the best way to experience GTA V. Rockstar optimised the game perfectly, and we are happy to start our third and forth play-throughs. – Gamer.nl
Sure, the Rockstar Social Club is an annoying hoop to jump through, and hardware fragmentation poses problems for some. But for those with the hardware to run it, GTA V serves as a testament to the PC platform’s superiority, and a reminder that good things come to those that wait. – AusGamers
If you hadn’t had a chance to play it yet at all though, and your computer can handle it, the PC version does definitely feel like the definitive version. – DarkStation

2.Dark Souls 2

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The PC version of Dark Souls II is the definitive one to own. It’s a good step up in the graphics and performance departments, annoying load times are drastically reduced, and players can even opt to play with the mouse and keyboard if they so desire. It shows that From Software spent a considerable amount of time attempting to come up with controls that would feel natural on the PC. – Game Informer

It is far and away the superior version, and that’s without the need to download any sort of fan-made patch. The cycle of death and success has never felt this good. God is a Geek
Dark Souls 2 is not just a perfectly designed video game. It’s a dark journey into a painful world of souls, a bet with your inner self and your strengths, the purification and absolute completion when the end credits fall… it’s an experience like no other. – Ragequit.gr

1.Dishonored 2

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Dishonored made me feel like a person struggling to retain the things that were important to me in a world gone mad. It goes beyond “role-playing” to challenge players to draw their own personal moral line in the sand, but does so without being preachy or judgmental. – Cheat Code Central

It’s a rare game that feels so compulsively replayable, but Dishonored is such a game. The compelling abilities, the bold artistic design, the colorful characters, and above all, the freedom of choice–these are the things that mark Dishonored as one of the truly remarkable games of this year. – GameSpot

Whether you like to sneak, like to slay mercilessly, or somewhere in between, there is something here for you. Dishonored is very easily a contender for Game of the Year. – GamingTrend

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#8 Greatest Action-Adventure Video Games Of This Decade