Ranking Every Resident Evil Video Game From Worst To Best

Resident Evil is a video game series that pioneered the horror survival genre in the gaming industry. Resident Evil stands as one of the most influential games ever made. Introducing mechanics that were never used before and dropping the player into a world filled with horrific creatures and ugly monsters. Even though RE has a fair share of making bad games too while for the most part, the lore is really convoluted too. But what makes everyone go back is its atmosphere and gameplay combined with an amazing action sequence and well-developed characters.

Today we are going to rank Resident Evil games from worst to best.

9. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

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In the end, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City disappoints across the boards. Dropping the ball in every aspect, the game turns the tense and extremely atmospheric Raccoon City into a dull and boring experience that feels more like a chore than a journey, only made tolerable by the 4-player co-op mode, ensuring that you don’t have to suffer alone. – Console Monster

The characters, the story, the controls, the difficulty, and even the central premise… all of it seems to be on the right track, but none of it hits the mark. I still think there’s a lot of potential here, but like any other game, the basics have to be nailed before it can start reaching for greatness. – GameCritics
An insult to Resident Evil fans, a failure at the most basic level for shooter fans, and a possible friendship-ender for those looking for a cooperative experience, Raccoon City is a disaster zone better left abandoned. – Polygon

8. Resident Evil 6

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An apocalyptic disappointment that never rises above mediocrity, but often sinks into tedium. – PC Gamer

I didn’t think it was possible but the Resident Evil games have gotten as loud, dumb and tiresome as the Resident Evil movies. Overcomplicated mechanics, a confusing, schizophrenic campaign split four ways and a ridiculous plot that doesn’t just break suspension of disbelief but blends it into a smoothie make Resident Evil 6 a real chore to get through. – Gaming Nexus
I guess in the end, the problem with Resident Evil 6 is that it doesn’t have an identity. It wants to please its survival-horror fanbase, but seems to have forgotten how to walk that fine line between tense action and frustrating challenge. – GamingTrend

7. Resident Evil: Revelations

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Revelations is a decent adventure, but it doesn’t come close to reaching the heights the series has in the past. – GameSpot
Revelations hits a lot of right chords with long-time Resident Evil fans who pine for a return to the good old survival horror days of the franchise. But technical flaws, clumsy controls and too much action in the second half of its campaign ultimately prevent it being an excellent horror game, instead rendering it simply a fun ride with lots of minor issues. – PC Games
A high-definition PC port of a Nintendo 3DS game, Resident Evil: Revelations fails to offer any earth-shattering answers for longtime fans of the franchise. What they’ll get instead is a modestly sized thriller with an annoying cast of characters and a completely nonsensical plot. On the other hand, it’s still better than Resident Evil 6. – Gaming Nexus

6. Resident Evil 5

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As with Resident Evil 6’s remaster, Resident Evil 5 adopts 1080p and 60fps (almost always) successfully. Always keeping in mind that it is a game launched in 2009 and it’s gameplay mechanics are kind of dated, it can be a good game for those who love non-stop action. There is no survival horror moments, but enough content to be entertained for quite some hours and high-end production values. – LaPS4

Resident Evil 5 is a confounding game: it can be criticised for both mirroring its predecessor too closely and also for changing too much. When all’s said and done, though, it’s a decent romp that’s brilliant when it’s not bewildering – and when you consider the sheer amount of content included for the asking price, it’s worth a punt. – Push Square
Yet another re-release of a Resident Evil game. But Resident Evil 5 was then -and still is- a decent, well designed game that lacks the “horror” element but has lots of soul and substance. – GameOver.gr

5. Resident Evil Zero

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I didn’t find it very scary. Maybe after so many games we’re on to its tricks, but there seem to be far less boo! moments than in other RE games. – Electric Playground
The controls will drive you mad, the camera angles will frustrate you, and some of the design ideas will have you wondering what the hell Capcom puts in their water. – GameBiz
Those who have stuck with the Resident Evil series despite its dogged insistence on not changing its ways will find that Resident Evil 0 still has a lot to offer. – GameSpot

4. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

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Capcom would do well to bring out a PC-only Resident Evil title that caters to what the PC does best — first person blastin’! – IGN

The best Resident Evil title to date for the PC. The simple reason for that is the improved gameplay, particularly the enhanced puzzle elements and the addition of Nemesis and the game-altering choice screens he brings with him. – Game Over Online

Capcom obviously strove to create a game that would preserve the spirit and outlooks of its prequels (read – it’s another damn PSX1 port). It seems that they pushed this tendency one step too far, and forgot to actually deliver anything new to the gaming scene. – ActionTrip

3. Resident Evil 2

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Now, I hear what you’re saying: “This Zombie is chewing on my foot, it deserves to be shot.” But that’s just the response that society has conditioned you to have. So even though this is a great game with good graphics, terrific sound, riveting action, and puzzles that will keep you entertained for hours… As a favor to our Zombie friends, do not buy this game. – Game Revolution
More an interactive movie than a game, RE2 looks pretty but lacks challenge. – Happy Puppy
So, for all of it’s action and nerve wracking moments, if you only play games to beat them the first time through, I’d suggest renting Resident Evil 2. – All Game Guide

2. Resident Evil 7

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By wiping the slate clean and beginning again, Capcom have gained perspective. With Resident Evil 7, they’ve identified the core tenets of the franchise – the building blocks of terror that captivated and inspired a generation of fans and creators alike. The first-person perspective isn’t Resident Evil, but the feelings it elicits certainly are. – NZGamer
A terrifying survival horror experience. It offers the best spooky atmosphere in the franchise with many of the classic mechanics that built the original formula. Yet it has enough new elements to stand its ground amidst similar games. Without doubt, a must play horror experience. – LevelUp
Not the dramatic reinvention I expected, but this is tense and refined survival horror with a brilliantly bleak, grimy atmosphere. – PC Gamer

1. Resident Evil 4

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Resident Evil 4 is, and will forever remain, a masterpiece. It says a lot when you can pop in a game over a decade old, and still get as engrossed into everything it has to offer like it was the first time ever experiencing it. If you have somehow still never played this game, put down whatever game(s) you are playing and make room for this survival horror smash. And if you’ve played it countless times on several platforms, it’s still worth forking over a couple of bucks to revisit this legendary game. – Push Square
Resident Evil 4 is a stone-cold classic, a genre defining game that surpasses expectations even now. – God is a Geek
Resident Evil 4 still feels good, and being able to have 60fps and 1080p on the PS4 makes it a beautiful display, even with the GameCube-era graphics. Still, I would liked more improves done to the title – the 30fps animations for reloading still remains – since it’s been 11 years from the original release. If you haven’t played Resident Evil 4, then go for it, because this is one adventure that you will most likely love. – DarkZero
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