4 Best PC Video Games Released In last 5 Years

In gaming industry PC is considered to be a “Premium” platform to play games on and in many ways it’s true. You get better graphics, FPS, Mods and most importantly Steam which is probably the best way to buy games online! It’s not like I hate consoles but it’s just something special playing games on smooth 60fps on 4K. Today we are counting down the best video games you should play on your PC

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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The Witcher 3 on PC looks absolutely wonderful, particularly if you have a reasonably powerful machine and can see the game in motion at its highest settings. – GameSpot

The Witcher 3 says no to all of this – it’s a great game with a fully realized setting, it’s a joy to play, the business model behind it treats its customers like human beings, and it delivers a story that finally hits the tone of the books. – RPGamer

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is more than just an incredible game that successfully brings lush visuals, tactical combat and a captivating world untainted with the issues that games of similar nature have when building such huge open spaces. It is also a respectful closure for Geralt, the series and its fans. – DarkZero


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Although it’s conventional in some ways, Tyranny feels fresh. The theme has been explored before in other games and genres, but not to this degree. The characters are extremely interesting, whether they’re tragic or humorous. Dialogue choices are expansive, and the sheer number of permutations that can arise from your decisions give the game near-limitless replay value. Supported by solid RPG mechanics, Tyranny is a game for those who couldn’t get enough of Pillars of Eternity and its ilk. – Worth Playing
Tyranny is a game that must be played by any RPG fan. Some may knock its “old school” approach and style, but that’s about the only complaint that could be levied against such a wonderfully unique and deep RPG. It does everything Pillars of Eternity tried to do and it does so better. Consider Tyranny highly recommended and one of the best RPGs of the year. –MMORPG.com
While smaller in scope than Obsidians last RPG, Tyranny astonishes with its clever way of handling choice and consequence. There are so many variables in Tyranny, you just have to play it twice. –PC Games

Total War: Attila

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Dynamic flames during battles is one of the major improvements of Total War Attila. The negative point is the need for very powerful hardware to enjoy it. The Creative Assembly has created the best strategy game of the year, again. –Hobby Consolas

Total War: Attila brings exciting new mechanics into a “survival” experience, while the Middle Ages approach for everyone. Live the last years of the Roman Empire or be Attila, the “Scourge of God”, and set on fire the whole Europe. –Multiplayer.it

Total War: Attila brings an under-explored time period to bare to create a great setting and system of mechanics for a strategy game based more on tearing down your enemies than building up your own empire, but it’s still plagued with some issues inherent to the Total War franchise. – The Escapist


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Very possibly the best action game of this generation thus far, this is a rare example of every facet of a game’s design working perfectly to create an amazing whole. This is an outstanding effort from a studio I’m going to follow wholeheartedly from here on out. – High-Def Digest

A stylish mix of bullet hell and deft swordplay, Furi is only held back by rare bugs and poorly designed difficulty spikes. – PC Gamer

With a very high difficulty curve, Furi is not for everyone except for players who can endure its long, complex and amazing boss fights. It might feel empty between the fights, but it creates an incredibly gratifying feeling after each encounter. – PLAY! Zine

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#4 Best PC Video Games Released In last 5 Years