Daily Archive: September 29, 2017

7 Video Games Sequels That Went Completely Dark


Oh, We all love charming video games with a “Jump” button and beautiful happy landscape where our unbeatable hero goes through hordes of enemies to achieve his/her target! But After Few years the… Continue reading

4 Best PC Video Games Released In last 5 Years


In gaming industry PC is considered to be a “Premium” platform to play games on and in many ways it’s true. You get better graphics, FPS, Mods and most importantly Steam which is probably… Continue reading

5 Most Graphically Demanding PC Video Games of 2016 and 2017


2016 And 2017 are both great years for gaming. With Groundbreaking hits like Uncharted 4 And Return of franchises like Final Fantasy whereas 2017 delivered some of the best RPGs ever like Horizon… Continue reading