6 Most Ambitious Games Released In Last 7 Years

Making Video Games is not an easy job by any means. You need a lot of things to get started but the most important thing you need to make a game is Ambition. The Ambition to create a unique experience for players out there waiting for something fresh and innovative. Some Developers have created some of the ambitious games out there and today we are counting down the most ambitious games released in last 7 years

Bioshock: Infinite

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With the release of BioShock Infinite, developer Irrational has delivered a bigger story, more polished experience, and created two similar-yet-separate games that can co-exist and remain equal in quality. When the history of videogames is written, not one, but two BioShocks will be remembered for pushing gameplay, story, and subject matter to new levels. –Machinima

Bioshock Infinite is a visionary piece of entertainment where the gameplay, characters, art style and story all come together to make what undoubtedly will be considered one of the best games of this generation. –Gamer.no

Dealing with themes like religion, racism, and xenophobia, Columbia is a richer and more nuanced setting than even Rapture, and the unveiling of the city’s culture is masterfully executed. –Game Informer

Red Dead Redemption



An unmissable game for any fan of the genre or great action adventures in general. We don’t often get masterpieces around here, but this is certainly one of those moments in time when gamers will look back more fondly on a dusty old six shooter than anything that involves jacking cars. –TheSixthAxis

Red Dead Redemption has a beautiful virtual world with an enormous amount of things to do, an exciting story and fantastic action. The game not only shows a world of the past, but also makes the player reflect the times we live in now. An exceptional achievement for a game. –Gamer.nl
 Red Dead Redemption is a fantastic game and arguably the finest Rockstar has ever produced. The production values are amazingly high, the gameplay is varied, challenging and nearly always a blast and the old West is as alive as any video game world yet seen. –Gamers’ Temple

Hotline Miami

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For all the careful planning that might go in a stickup, it all usually comes down to clutching out impromptu, split second shootouts. Sometimes these quirks manifest as incompetent A.I. behavior or exploitative gameplay, but for the most part, it all congeals in a remarkably tense and satisfying experience with depth to go with its style. –GameTrailers

It’s a puzzle game and a strategy game as much as an action game, then, and like Rockstar’s Manhunt, it will sicken you even as it provides its murky thrills. –Edge Magazine

Those looking for a challenge in planning, reflexes and dexterity – and those with the intestinal fortitude to witness the scads of gruesome deaths that result – will be well served by Hotline Miami. –Joystiq

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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CS: GO stands as a glowing reminder that quality game design is rewarded in longevity and variety. Valve has not only updated the shooter but has completely outclassed its contemporaries. This is Counter-Strike, whatever the format you choose to play it on, and there isn’t a higher recommendation than that. –games(TM)

It may lack some of the community niceties, beloved maps (Assault, anyone?), and little features of past games, but Global Offensive delivers on the promise of a faithful, polished, and better looking Counter-Strike for whoever wants it. Even if the community doesn’t meet the golden standard of 1.6 and Source, CS:GO will remain a multiplayer classic for those willing to put in the time to learn the maps and weapons. – Destructoid

Modern shooters do their job well, but Counter-Strike is the series that helped build the scene. At $15, Global Offensive is a great extension to that legacy. –Joystiq

Fallout 4

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It really does feel like Fallout 3 with slightly nicer graphics and a few mods (like “homebase customization”) thrown in, and while Fallout 4 has everything that made the last game great it has all the weaknesses too, like a terrible inventory menu, stiff character models, interior locations requiring loading screens, and more. Fallout 4 is an amazing game that I doubt anyone will be disappointed by, but it’s not unique. And I still prefer New Vegas. – GameWatcher

After 200 years in cryostasis you will find everything in ruins, beasts and monsters (human and nonhuman alike) run amok and there are more weapons than in a Michael Bay movie. In short it is a vivid world to explore in which no one can hold a decent dialogue. – PLAY! Zine

Unsurprisingly, Fallout 4 is closer to Fallout 3 than it is to the former episodes. And it comes with all the qualities and problems we already know. But Fallout 4 belongs to this hypnotizing kind of games that you should not miss if you love Western RPGs. – JeuxActu

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This is the new standard for open world role-playing games. There is no such thing as a perfect game, but The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt come as close to perfect as any RPG to date. – DarkStation

The Witcher 3 impressed not just with sheer size, but also with its small scale fully enchanting surprises. – GameStar

I would gladly hand the game a 100 and call it game of the forever, but slow plot movement, a quest where Geralt walked over an edge to his death, and a variety of other nitpicks and time sinks makes me have to say that this game isn’t anywhere to perfect – legendary, in its own right, memorable, but it’s not perfect. – Ten Ton Hammer

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#6 Most Ambitious Games Released In Last 7 Years