5 Amazing Hidden Video Game Gems Of 2017

It really feels good when a developer makes an absolutely amazing game with new mechanics and impressive storytelling but it really hurts when that game does not get the value it deserves. Either it is sales figure or overall fans appreciation. 2017 was a great year for gaming but due to big games releases some small hidden gems were ignored but not anymore! Today we are counting down 5 most underappreciated video games released in 2017


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Poi is a competent love letter to the 3D Mario games we know and love that manages to give players a nice taste of nostalgia while still having its own charm. If you’re hankering for a good 3D platformer, look no further. Your move, Yooka-Laylee, Hat in Time, and Super Mario Odyssey. –Destructoid

Low-budget 3D platformer let’s you remember the giants of the 90’s genre despite its triviality. Fans will be pleased others can try another game. –Games.cz

While another round of polish would do a nice job of knocking off the rough edges, the core experience is a lively game that remains fun and playable from start to finish. –Hardcore Gamer

Mr. Shifty

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When it runs at 100%, Mr Shifty is thrilling, challenging and satisfying when played at high speed – as it should be played. Unfortunately, performance issues and a bland personality slightly hold it back from reaching Hotline Miami levels of grandeur. –Vooks

Addictive like old school arcades, its simple but fun gameplay will keep players retrying every time they die until they complete each mission. Graphics and music do their job and the result is an overall recommendable title without ambitions. –

Clocking in at around five hours, Mr Shifty struck a good balance for me between wanting more versus wearing out its welcome. I enjoyed my time with it despite some of the later levels being slightly frustrating and the finale being a little anti-climatic, but overall, this is a solid addition to the Switch’s growing library.  –GameCritics



The death scene taunts can get a bit tiring (when you die frequently… especially if it’s a fiddly jump) but overall there’s a lot of charm on offer here and an interesting story. Worth a look and a bit of fun. –Impulsegamer
Styx: Shards of Darkness could have been a big hit in the stealth genre if not for its few AI, control and level-design flaws. Still, the whole package is so fun, unique and charming that stealth fans will definitely enjoy it. –BaziCenter
While not the best stealth game, Styx: Shards of Darkness offers some fun, unique gameplay. It might be filled with mixed messages, but there’s still a number of hours’ worth of sneaky, fun, stabbing action. –Critical Hit


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Although Prey never rises to the first Bioshock for me anyway and it does not have to be: If you are looking for a game in the style of a System Shock and do not expect an exceptionally good shooter, you’ll get an exciting, comprehensive and challenging Sci- Survival adventure. –PC Games

Prey is a masterpiece of the science-fiction genre. A game that hooks the player from beginning to end and creates a wonderful experience. –Areajugones

Although Prey suffers from some issues such as lack of variety in weapons, unimpressive side-missions and a few underdeveloped gameplay mechanics, it still delivers for a wide range of gamers. Whether you approach Prey as a Run and Gun shooter, Stealth Action or Action RPG, you will get enough satisfaction through its lengthy campaign full of mysteries waiting to be unveiled. –BaziCenter


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Players can absolutely see the incredible potential of Friday the 13th: The Game. When the game works without issue, it provides a fantastic, tense experience unlike other asymmetrical horror games on the market. It could just be so much better. Polishing off the bugs and expanding with additional content and modes would turn this into a title that becomes a longstanding favorite rather than something folks play for a hot minute before moving onto the next Early Access multiplayer title. –Hardcore Gamer

A truly unique experience, unlike any other multiplayer game you’ve played (certainly a cut above other asymmetrical titles), where cooperation, wits and sometimes ruthless murder are what it takes to survive. Be wary of this game if only for its propensity to hook you. Jason has sunk his pickaxe into me, and he’s not letting go, ensuring I will be playing Friday the 13th: The Game extensively for the considerable future. –Game Revolution

Friday the 13th: The Game has a lot of potential, but it’s an incomplete game with only one mode and without the single player campaign. Right now it’s afflicted by many bugs and glitches and it needs a lot of support and polishing. –SpazioGames

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#5 Amazing Hidden Video Game Gems Of 2017