3 Amazing Nintendo Switch Games Right Now (For those that finished Breath of the Wild)

I have really been enjoying my time with the Nintendo Switch and though I haven’t been able to take advantage of it on-the-go feature as much, I have found myself still coming back to it again and again. I am still anxiously awaiting a Pokemon Colosseum game or the newest Super Smash Bros to make its debut but that wait won’t make me ignore the library already on the switch (albeit the number of Switch exclusives is scant). The controllers are nice, the battery life is fine, and the ability to play it on the living room table will keep my wife from complaining too much about theme hogging the television. So here’s a short list for others like myself who are looking for a reason to return to their Legend of Zelda machine. I will also avoid using rereleases in this list which is why you won’t see games like Minecraft or The Binding of Isaac on here.

Sonic Mania


Sonic Mania is a true return to form for the mascot, in his 2D ‘Classic’ guise at least. It celebrates the glory days of the original games while also enhancing their qualities and taking on new ideas. From new areas, imaginative second acts and some delightful boss encounters, the development team has poured a lot of passion and talent into the project. The occasional bug and a couple of brief and cheap areas deprive it of Sonic-style perfection, but it’s pretty darn close. Is it the best Sonic game ever? It’s in the conversation, though the classics it’s honouring may stake a claim for slightly greater ‘flow’ in the campaigns. Frankly, it’s better just to call it a dead heat and skip the argument – Sonic Mania belongs in the company of the games to which it pays tribute – the Blue Blur is back. –Nintendo Life

The game is bursting at the seams full of smart nostalgic references that hardcore fans would pick up on, while also managing to feel like a genuine new entry. Sonic Mania is not only everything fans of the classic Genesis games could have wanted and more, but it’s one of the best 2D platformers of this generation, and of all-time. It has taken awhile, but with Sonic Mania, the series is finally back in the club of truly remarkable and exemplary games. –Twinfinite

Sonic Mania is the culmination of a huge amount of work, from people peerlessly passionate about Sonic’s 2D games. Sega took a risk allowing outsiders to take the reins of their defining characteristics and it’s resulted in the best Sonic game in decades. It’s not perfect – there are occasional glitches, some people might find the crushing deaths and general difficulty of later levels a little off-putting – but as after being disappointed with many of Sega’s past attempts at following up Sonic’s early success, Mania did what I had almost given up hope on being possible. Christian Whitehead, Headcannon, and PagodaWest Games have proven they absolutely understand what made Sonic great in the Mega Drive days and have modernised this essence for a modern audience with a follow-up worthy of standing with the best in the series. –Vooks



Thumper offers an extraordinary rhythm experience on the Nintendo Switch, and is heightened by its well-oiled reactionary gameplay, haunting soundtrack, and unique aesthetic. As one of the most enjoyable games on the console there’s very little it does wrong, but it must be noted that there’s not much staying power for those uninterested in chasing S-ranks. –Switch Player

The best new rhythm action game for years, with a perfect blend of gameplay, music, and a frighteningly oppressive atmosphere. –Metro GameCentral

Thumper is a terrifyingly difficult game, but don’t let that deter you from experiencing its rhythm violence firsthand. The Switch port takes advantage of the system’s features quite well, and its speedy performance and killer sound design will rock your world.     –GamingTrend

SteamWorld Dig 2

Steamworld 2

SteamWorld Dig 2 is what I want out of more games. A game that wants to be played, that doesn’t punish you for enjoying it your own way. You can tell that everything about this game is so deliberate and thought out, so much care went into this world, and you’re invited to be a part of it. So don’t wait, dig in! –Vooks

SteamWorld Dig 2 takes everything fans loved about the original game and turns the dial up to eleven. It’s bigger, better, and even more addicting than its predecessor, and absolutely deserves a spot in every single Switch owner’s library. –NintendoWorldReport

Every advancement Dig 2 makes to its story and mechanics strengthens your initiative to progress. There’s an overwhelming sense of momentum that runs through the adventure; as if developer Image & Form sifted the original in a pan, removing its redundancies while expanding upon what made it so fun to persistently play. In your quest to acquire every upgrade and explore every nook and cranny, there’s no shortage of hidden collectables to discover. –GameSpot

There you have it. Three games that are sure to take up some time and be enjoyable throughout their playthrough. Can you think of any Switch titles I should mention in my next list? Any games you would swear by? Let me know in the comments below.

#3 Amazing Nintendo Switch Games Right Now (For those that finished Breath of the Wild)