4 Best RPG Video Games Released In 2017

So yesterday we went through a short list of Japanese RPGs that swept through the market and surprised many by being some of the most innovative games out there right now, especially on the western front. Today we are going to run down a bit of a broader category with Role-Playing Games, allowing us to expand the list. For obvious reasons we will exclude any titles, we listed yesterday to avoid becoming repetitive in nature.

Divinity: Original Sin 2divinity-original-sin-2

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a polished, well-designed RPG, and through its phenomenal mechanics, astounding art, sound design and fantastic writing, it is sure to revolutionize the modern RPG genre. –Windows Central

Stop whatever it is you’re doing right now, and go play this game. Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a definitive game-of-the-year contender, and one of the best RPGs to be released this entire decade. –GameCrate

Divinity: Original Sin II is the best sequel can you imagine. It offers a lot more than the previous chapter, in every sense. It probably is one of the best CRPG ever made. –Multiplayer.it


Horizon: Zero DawnHorizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is Guerrilla Games’ best effort, one of the PS4’s greatest games, and the best game ever crafted from the ground up for the platform. It combines a gripping narrative with intense action that blends both fast-paced combat with slower-paced, tense stealth sections perfectly. Everything about their vision for this game clicks into place and is accentuated by a stellar presentation. The game features top-shelf graphical work, a unique and enjoyable soundtrack, alongside a fantastic cast to make an unforgettable experience. –Game Over Online

Horizon Zero Dawn thrums with the energy of a creative team finally allowed to explore something new. It builds on elements of open-world and loot-and-craft gameplay that we’ve seen before, but it does so within a context, a setting and a style that feel fresh. Horizon Zero Dawn discovers a stronger sense of its own personality in one game than Killzone ever managed across half a dozen. Guerrilla Games has long been developing some of the most buzzed-about games in the industry; with Horizon, it feels like it has finally found its own voice, one worthy of all that buzz. –Polygon

This is a culmination of everything Guerrilla has learned from working on the Killzone franchise and they’ve successfully crafted something that delivers on the potential many saw back in 2015. Horizon Zero Dawn is not only one of the best-looking games of this generation, but a must own for every PlayStation 4 owner. –Hardcore Gamer

Pillars of EternityPillars of Eternity

With Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition, Paradox Arctic managed to do make a computer RPG playable on consoles with little frustration, thanks to the cleverly redesigned UI and controls. For the rest, Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition is just as great as it is on PC, with excellent writing, world-building and characters, an involving and challenging battle system, and true roleplaying. – Wccftech

If you like old-school RPG and for some reason you missed it on PC, don’t miss it again. With this game, Obsidian proves once again why they are the masters of narrative and classic RPGs.  –Vandal

The outstanding classic-style RPG Pillars of Eternity makes a surprisingly virtuosic transition to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with the Complete Edition, bringing both systems all of the content that’s been released on the PC version so far. –IGN



Saying that Nioh is a “Souls clone” not only doesn’t do justice to a superb game, but can be quite misleading. Nioh stands on its own as a masterpiece from Team Ninja that reminds us the Ninja Gaiden glory days of the studio. – GameOver.gr

Ultimately, NiOh is a really fantastic game. It comes with some flaws, and a few elements that are a bit rough around the edges, but it hits almost all the right notes. Team Ninja’s latest labor of love is packed with charm, atmosphere, and one of the best action battle systems that you’ll find across the industry. – DualShockers

Nioh has a lot to offer with its deep combat system, and it’s an overall addicting action game for fans of Ninja Gaiden and Dark Souls. – Gamers’ Temple

Are there any games you feel should have made the list? Having played all of these games I can say I thoroughly enjoyed them all, but I’m always willing to take suggestions!

#4 Best RPG Video Games Released In 2017