New Ataribox Is Going To Be A Compact Gaming PC That Will Cost Around $300

Ataribox is really generating some hype in recent months. New Details have emerged again and all the details suggest that it will be a media/Gaming PC thing. Kinda like steam machines which in the end failed horribly.


Atari plans to launch an Indiegogo campaign within the next month in anticipation of shipping in spring 2018 and expects prices to run between $249 and $299, depending upon configuration.


The Console will run on AMD Radeon graphics technology but we don’t know what specific graphics card it will have. It will run Linux which is disappointing but that means you’ll be able to run any game compatible with those technologies and you’ll be able to customize and run the system as you would a Linux PC.

Small Details:

  • There will be two editions of the Ataribox: black and red, and wood
  • The console will have four USB ports, one HDMI port and one SD port
  • The front panel of the console will be either wood or glass

The company says it will offer up more info in the coming weeks.


I still don’t want to give an opinion on this one but so for it seems good. We will update this article if more news comes out or else we will try to post a new one!

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#New Ataribox Is Going To Be A Compact Gaming PC That Will Cost Around $300