Destiny 2 Update for Sept 26 (Weekly Reset)

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Hey guys, this is just a little article to give you a little heads up before the weekly reset in Destiny 2. If you want to see more stories detailing Destiny adventures make sure to rate this so we know!

Factions are back!

The three factions from Destiny 1 are back and this time there’s actually going to be an event tied to them. The event is called Faction Rallies and it showcases what team loyalty can get you. You align yourself with a faction and then play the game as normal, earning experience for your chosen faction by doing most events in the game. On October 3rd the total the amount of experience each faction has earned is tallied up, and the winning team gets a special gun sold to them for 1,000 glimmers from their vendor. Players on the losing end can still purchase the special weapon but for a whopping 50,000 glimmer instead. The groups you have to choose between are:

Dead Orbit (Space Goths)


Edgy, right? Well, they have some cool gear to go along with the vendor shown above, and aligning with them will net you their special scout rifle. I have a soft spot for suppressors and scout rifles so this faction may win my heart.

Future War Cult (Groovy Guardians)

Aptly nick-named because of the bright colors presented on their gear, the Future War Cult have this funky pulse rifle to offer you in your time of need. I personally dislike pulse rifles but am willing to give such a cool looking gun a try. Plus the Exo race is the best. (Slight bias)

New Monarchy (The Golden Children)


The red and gold of this group have had me since Destiny 1, and their gear is my personal favorite. That being said, I also despise sidearms so I can’t in good faith align myself with them once more. It is a nice looking pistol though. We will see if many others share my sentiment about sidearms though.

Guided Games are here

And that (in short) means that there will be Guardians out there looking to help lower light players make it through some of the higher level or just more difficult content. These “Sherpas” will be a teacher for people struggling with the Nightfall or even the Raid. This will make finding fireteams easier and will bring the community closer together in terms of connectivity. Give it a try if you’re frustrated of retrying a mission, or if you’re a higher level Guardian just looking to help people out!

The Usual

As per the weekly reset, you will get a fresh wave of milestones and missions to do, as well as a new nightfall to challenge yourself with. Tess Everis will have new gear for you to purchase with Bright Dust. Raid progress is reset as well, which will be mortifying to some still stuck on the Calus fight or (God forbid) the “Pleasure” Gardens.

Was anything in this article useful to you? Is there anything you would want in the next explained in more detail? Which faction do you plan to pledge your allegiance to? Let us know below!

#Destiny 2 Update for Sept 26 (Weekly Reset)