Daily Archive: September 25, 2017

Destiny 2 Update for Sept 26 (Weekly Reset)


Hey guys, this is just a little article to give you a little heads up before the weekly reset in Destiny 2. If you want to see more stories detailing Destiny adventures make… Continue reading

Every Single PlayStation 4 Video Game Releasing This Week


Not too much of an intro for this article, just a regular weekly update to let readers know what PlayStation games are coming out. Not too many heavy hitters but definitely still some… Continue reading

TitanFall 2 – LA LA Laser Land


Precision shooting.  Most gamers either love it or hate it.  You’re running somewhere on the battlefield thinking you’re safe, trying to get to an objective, and you get splattered against the wall because… Continue reading

Valve Cancelled 4-Player Co-op Video Game Artwork Leaked


As You may know Valve as of now not making any kind of “big” game that was usually used to make. Now they got Steam to manage and all other sorts of money… Continue reading

4 Amazing JRPG Video Games Released In 2017


This has been one glorious year for the JRPG community, with many games ripe for the picking if you’re a fan of the genre. With innovation and creativity brimming from the video game… Continue reading