4 Massive Empty Open World Games With Nothing To Do

I love playing Open World games just because of how big and beautiful they are and also the activities in that world. I totally played the heck out of GTA 5 doing all the interesting side quests, racing, and whatnot. But can you imagine what would have happened to GTA 5 if the world was empty? I mean NO Sidequest NO random encounter NO unscripted events? just imagine how pissed the fans of the series would have been.

Today we are counting down big open world games that are empty inside

AC Syndicate


But overall, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate is a very difficult game to dislike. It was never intended to break the mould, it’s no kind of reinvention and it probably won’t win the series many new fans. It is resolutely more of the same, but robust and varied with it. – games(TM)

Uninspired story and incredibly simple gameplay keeps this years Assassin’s Creed from being what it could have been. – PLAY! Zine

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is an uneven game. Victorian London is great, there’s some well executed evolution (running around, jumping and using stealth is getting better and better) but there’s still some very stupid AI and tiring combat. Syndicate has some excellent missions proving that this type of gameplay can be exciting but unfortunately they are in minority. What’s more – the story is weak, and the final battle is horrendous – GRYOnline.pl

No Man’s Sky

No man sky multiplayer

No Man’s Sky is a huge galaxy sandbox using an interesting concept, but as far as gameplay is concerned, it’s running out of steam way too fast. – GamePro Germany

A game, a promise, which sometimes turns into a pleasant surprise, while turning into a void at others. Void that, one day, might get filled by promises that the developers made, however it still captivated us to push forward and explore. – PLAY! Zine

No Man’s Sky is an ironically small game, but it has a big, beating heart at its center, even when the procedural generation and the sometimes narrow-scoped world building tries to hide it. – Gaming Nexus

The Division


The Division is a great shooter that’s primarily let down by glitches, drabness, repetition, and a thoroughly underwhelming first raid –Gameplanet

The most essential feature in this kind of games is the creation of a solid cornerstone on which the game will grow and prosper in the coming months (or years maybe). Somehow The Division manages to create this cornerstone though it leaves a lot to be desired. On the other hand, the developers need to decide what to do with Dark Zone because clearly they have not until now. In the positive’s area the fact that even gamers with no MMO experience at all can enjoy most of the game (essentially with some company). – GameOver.gr

At first, hours spent with The Division go by very quickly. Constant action in Manhattan can engage for a good while, but the game becomes repetitive and monotonous if approached without friends or other agents. – Eurogamer Poland

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands

If you can find a team of friends to enlist into your squad, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands is, well, wild. However, the sheer amount of travelling, planning and stealth required for numerous missions doesn’t lend itself to online co-op with random drop-in muggles. But steaming through an endless line of ridiculous drug kingpins in a big world with an even bigger arsenal is intoxicating fun that’ll keep you coming back for another hit. Just pick the right squad, or you’ll become a literal ghost pretty quickly. – Digital Spy

Ghost Recon Wildlands is a fun romp in a huge world that allows you tackle each encounter in as tactical or non-tactical manner as you please. Your fellow players are what bring this game to life, so best not look at this as a single-player experience. – Gameplanet

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#4 Massive Empty Open World Games With Nothing To Do