Revelations Online – What’s New In Guild Tournament And Snowpine Peak Battle

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War horns blaring across open fields. Fighters from all walks of life sharpening their blades in anticipation. Soldiers practicing battle formations and combat strategies while their loved-ones supportively look on. Oh yes, war is coming to Nuanor, yet not in the form you might expect…


Despite faction wars brewing in the cold depths of Snowpine Reach between multiple beast-tribes, a completely different battle awaits us all. Nuanor’s very first guild tournament – a full-scale battle of honour, respect, and martial dominance – is heading your way very soon. Competitive spirits couldn’t be higher!


Thanks to the upcoming Iceborn update, you and your guildmates will have the perfect opportunity to elevate your status and gain server-wide renown, marking your territory and letting all of Nuanor know you and your companions are a force to be reckoned with.

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The scene is set! Promising both ground and aerial combat, guild leaders will need employ every ounce of tactical skill and player management to claim victory over their enemies. Should you already have a grudge with rival guilds, the Guild v Guild tournament will serve as the perfect staging ground for enacting revenge or holding brutal grudge matches.

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Prepare yourself for war, hero. All manner of battles and challenges will be heading your way one of which requires you to partake in a region-wide faction war, putting aside your differences and choosing one of two sides to fight for.


Deep within the blustery land of Snowpine Reach, a bitter rivalry between the Wingar and the Ursids threatens to spill across the zone, putting all manner of innocent people at risk of death or injury if the situation isn’t placated. It is now up to heroes like you end the stalemate by assisting one of these two rivals in decimating their enemies. While having either race free to intimidate the Snowpine Peak region as a whole may not be optimal, it is preferable to having both factions battling across the land and leaving devastation in their wake.


Should you choose to get involved in the war, a quest will unlock at level 40 allowing you decide which of the two factions you wish to assist. Once accepted, portals to the battlegrounds will open twice a week.

Once the battles commence both sides are tasked with earning a specific amount of points before the opposing team in order to secure victory. These points can be earned in numerous ways, though given almost all of them involve violence towards rival monsters, bosses and even other players, one would do well to sharpen their blade before the battle.

  • Gather Resource: 5
  • Elite Monsters: 3
  • Monsters: 1
  • Players: 1
  • Boss: 10

Which side is worthy of your allegiance? Which side will face your wrath? Depending on the decisions you make, are you prepared to compete against friends or fight beside foes? Time will tell.


We look forward to beginning new adventures with you in Iceborn and wish you well in the wars to come!



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#Revelations Online – What’s New In Guild Tournament And Snowpine Peak Battle