Daily Archive: September 23, 2017

Revelations Online The Big New Uprising Update


It was foretold that an uprising was on the cards – and now it is here! As enemies stir in the dungeons of Nuanor and magical swords come to life in service of… Continue reading

Revelations Online – What’s New In Guild Tournament And Snowpine Peak Battle


War horns blaring across open fields. Fighters from all walks of life sharpening their blades in anticipation. Soldiers practicing battle formations and combat strategies while their loved-ones supportively look on. Oh yes, war is… Continue reading

Revelations Online New Iceborn Update Looks Fantastic


Iceborn introduces a full-scale Guild versus Guild tournament, a new ice cold battleground and exciting new trials for adventurers to test themselves in. Situated at the top of the world, the Snowpine Peak… Continue reading

5 Video Games That Completely Changed During Development


During a development of game a fixed story design and gameplay mechanics are implemented and then the whole team continues to improve on that throughout the development and that’s how it normally goes… Continue reading

The Most Gorgeous Looking MMO Video Game Ever Made


We All love MMOs and whenever there’s a new MMO in the gaming industry the fans go crazy and this is all because of how MMOs work and how they are developed in… Continue reading