5 Worst Video Game Franchise Reboots Of All Time

Reboots are generally good for keeping a game series alive and active. Sure most of the reboots do not surpass the reputation of the original one but it does keep the series alive in a good way. All in all, Reboots are good but sometimes developers can mess it up pretty badly. And today we are counting down the worst reboot video game series of all time.

Star Fox Zero


While I don’t like the new control scheme, it’s a small price to pay to hop into the seat of an Arwing. Though I feel like I’ve seen most of this adventure before, Zero is a good-looking homage with some new locations to find and challenges to overcome. It doesn’t supplant Star Fox 64, but it does its legacy justice. – GameSpot

Star Fox Zero is just plain rotten. An otherwise run-of-the-mill space shooter that couldn’t be content with its own mediocrity and subsequently mutilated itself in a desperate attempt to stand out. – The Jimquisition

The learning curve makes it likely you’ll want to blast through again at least once with your flight skills finally under control. And this is when Star Fox Zero is at its best: a thrilling, fleeting and flawed joyride. – Telegraph

Alone In The Dark


Alone In The Dark truly horrifies me. How can such a big-budget title actually get to the stores with such unfriendly controls and gameplay glitches? The game is clumsy, completely linear and absolutely no fun to play. – YouGamers

Nice visuals, great fire effects and valiant efforts at innovation don’t make up for boring combat, frustrating controls, poorly designed levels and a hackneyed story. – IGN
Despite the numerous obtuse moments, the interesting story should keep you playing at least a little while. – Cheat Code Central

Lara Croft – Angel Of Darkness


Even with TR’s faults, this game is quite enjoyable for new people to the TR universe. Old fans will just be ecstatic over the story and the chance to play a 21st century version of Lara Croft. – Pregaming
The gameplay fails on so many different levels, and that’s a shame given how good the other elements are in the game. – GameZone
The twitchy controls mean that instant death is just a flick of the analog stick away, and even though we’re not psychic, we can guarantee you’ll die many, many times just trying to either work out where you’ve got to go or nab yourself a handful of bonus items. – TotalGames.net

Sonic The Hedgehog


It offers a few good ideas, and a handful of exciting moments, but none of this helps the game recover from a catastrophic loss in control. – IGN 
Even dedicated fans of the blue hedgehog will long for the classic controls that made this platform game such a joy to play. – GameZone
Sonic the Hedgehog may share its name with the Genesis original, but this game is even more broken than most of the other recent Sonic games have been. – GameSpot 
Every installment has us hoping for a return to glory, but each one further craps on the hedgehog’s legacy. The redeeming qualities here are few and far between, and it’s just plain not fun. – GamesRadar

Medal Of Honor Warfighter


Warfighter is well-made, has been set elaborately staged and looks good enough to eat in places. However, I constantly feel we have been through the whole spectacle in three dozen other shooters. – GameStar
Clearly not as good as a Call of Duty regarding its main campaign, or a Battlefield regarding the multiplayer modes, Warfighter remains a good game despite not being as innovative as players wanted it to be. Frosbite 2 may propose a pleasant visual experience, especially on PC, but it is not enough to create any form of enthusiasm, especially with its linear storyline. However, players will eventually find some kind of pleasure with its well-balanced and explosive gameplay. – JeuxActu
By no means does Warfighter reinvent the wheel, but at the same time it doesn’t dent it in any way, either. And while it’s certainly not for the war-weary, most shooter fans will find a lot of solid entertainment in the well-paced, good-looking campaign and the all right, if a bit standard multiplayer modes. – Eurogamer Germany 
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#5 Worst Video Game Franchise Reboots Of All Time