4 Greatest Classic Multiplayer Video Games Ever Made

For Some, Video games are made to isolate themselves from the “Reality” but For Some Video games are meant to bring friends and family together and a way to co-operate in a more fun way. Today we are gonna take a look at some of the best “Classic” Multiplayer Video Games Of All Time. As for more modern era multiplayer games, we will do a whole new article.

Street Of Rage


All in all, if you’re a fan of Streets of Rage, there’s no denying that this collection is a must buy. The price of ten dollars is a good deal for three beat ’em up games with online play. Not to mention three really fun beat ’em up games. If you’ve never played the games in this series, you should still give this collection a shot not only to have some violent fun, but to see what it was like during the heyday of Sega. – ZTGD

If video games were movies, the Sega Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage would qualify as a remastered collector’s edition. The only thing missing is some sort of digital archive section to highlight the original manuals and packaging. Although the Streets of Rage games can be had in alternate forms, you would be hard-pressed to find a better way to experience these three titles outside of the original cartridges. – Worth Playing



Although it doesn’t break any new grounds in originality (like Mario 64), Mario Kart 64 is a great addition to the N64 line-up. The solid graphics, good sound, and addictive gameplay–coupled with features like being able to race yourself (from a former race) in a special ghost mode–make you want to play it forever. – Nintendojo
A weak one player game, Mario Kart 64 excels in the multiplayer arena, and that alone is worth the cost of admission. Few titles can come close to this one in terms of party games – Gaming Age
It’s the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever seen! An incredible game for racing and Mario fans that is the best of both catagories (that’s right, better than Mario 64)! – Nintendorks

Street Fighter 2


I can answer the more immediate question — whether HD Remix holds up in online play — with a resounding “Hell, yes.” Backbone wisely co-opted fan-favorite peer-to-peer platform GGPO.net, which you can essentially think of as the netcode equivalent of the Google algorithm. This crazy Internet voodoo works well, and it makes for the most lag-free versus play this side of a brick-and-mortar arcade. – 1UP
What once was old is now new again and it still maintains that same classic gameplay that helped it to achieve its legendary status – Gamers’ Temple
The quality is further reflected in the silky-smooth online play and detailed options that let you choose how much updating you want – Worth Playing

GoldenEye 007


One can’t go without mentioning the fantastic multiplayer mode. Unlike PC shooters, where ambush seems to be the name of the game, GoldenEye concentrates on fast, frantic fun. Everyone can see each other’s screen, and radar is provided for additional assistance, so hiding is a virtual impossibility. – Hot Games
We can say with a clear conscience that Goldeneye 007 is the best single-player first-person game on any system. – IGN
Fans of N64 and PC games used to compare Goldeneye to games such as “Half Life,” which is remarkable because Goldeneye was not only older, but running on hardware that was vastly inferior to a $2500 PC. – GamerWeb Nintendo
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#4 Greatest Classic Multiplayer Video Games Of All Time