5 Magnificent Video Games Available For Nintendo 3DS

Unfortunately, we can’t always have a huge, high-def, 1080p TV or 4k monitor available at our disposal. Sometimes we have to leave our living rooms and game rooms. However, if you have a 3DS, you can always take that with you, and with some high-quality titles available for it, it’s almost like you never left.

Here are 5 of my favorite games for the 3DS.

Metroid: Samus Returns


“If this sounds like a bit of a love letter, it is still underselling just how fantastic Samus Returns has turned out. Stunning animations, a fantastic soundtrack, and awesome cinematic moments come together to remind us of the amazing roots of this series, while updating it for a fresh audience. Metroid: Samus Returns is one of the best Nintendo 3DS games of all time, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.” – GamingTrend

“I was delighted by Metroid: Samus Returns. It hits pretty much every note you hope to see in a Metroid game, and MercurySteam’s console background is evident in their flair for the dramatic — whether in their introductory cutscenes or their boss battles. Their dramatic reinvention reinvigorates the source material and strengthens the story’s bridge to Super Metroid. In short: They nailed it.” – USgamer

“This is far and away one of the best Metroid games ever made, and one of the best examples of the entire Metroidvania genre as a result. Melee counters and free aiming have made combat feel fresh and exciting again, while the environments are incredible – especially when viewed in auto-stereoscopic 3D. It’s a given that this is a must-buy for Metroid fans, but it’s also essential for those who’ve never played a 2D Metroid and want to see what the fuss is all about. This is what the fuss is all about, and the wait was so, so worth it.” – Nintendo Life

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

the_legend_of_zelda_ocarina_of_time-2560x1440 (1)

“Beautiful graphics, that wonderful soundtrack, the enthralling story and that damn annoying fairy, the 3DS version has it all and is easily the best port to ever be made of the legend.” – Gamestyle

“Even though the game is just a remake of a twelve year old title it is still the best game currently on a handheld and the only reason to own a 3DS right now.” – DarkStation

“Whether revisiting Hyrule for the umpteenth time, or paying your first visit, prepare to be dazzled by one of the finest gaming experiences ever created.” – Digital Spy

Fire Emblem: Awakening

maxresdefault (8).jpg

“Best of all, the new Casual mode opens the series up to those who may have been put off by its characteristic difficulty, ensuring that newcomers and veterans alike will be able to get the same enjoyment out of Awakening’s storyline.” – Nintendojo

“Overall, the game is a wonderfully presented experience and the best game that the 3DS has to offer.” – The Digital Fix

“Fire Emblem Awakening is a truly absorbing experience; a game which can make you fist-pump in victory and shout in horror as you watch zombie archers pick off your last Pegasus knight, all while you plan on how you’ll do it all better next time. And for what is essentially a board game-type RPG where little men and women run around a grid, that is pretty damn impressive.” – D-PAD Magazine

Shovel Knight


“Shovel Knight is, at the risk of repetition, brilliant, beautiful stuff.” – Cubed3

“If you have any love or affinity for NES-era gaming, you’ll find Shovel Knight is an experience worth having.” – Gaming Age

“Shovel Knight is the ultimate retro game. It takes all the good parts of old classics and improves on it with current technology. Truly a joy to play.” – XGN

Super Mario 3D Land


“There’s no question – if you own a 3DS, this is the best game on the platform, and instantly worthy of a purchase. It’s one of the best portable platformers I’ve ever played (and I’ve had my fair share), and an almost shockingly good Mario title on any platform.” – GameShark

“The meticulous craft that has gone into its ingenious design is enough to warrant admiration from even those players who have no time for the portly plumber. As for the rest of you – and we’re assuming you’re Mario fans – you’re in for a real treat.” – Guardian

“Mario’s best handheld game in years, and even when put up against his acclaimed console offerings, it’s yet another sublime adventure crammed with surprises and smiles every few minutes. It’s also perhaps the first 3DS title that makes the screen an integral part of the game rather than an eye-catching afterthought.” – Digital Spy

What are some of your favorite games for the 3DS? Let me know in the comments below!

#5 Magnificent Video Games Available For Nintendo 3DS