The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Pen You Should Buy Right Now

This is a different one. We don’t usually review stuff like this but once in a while there’s something that gets our attention and Sens is one of them. You may ask it’s nothing special just a normal pen and frankly speaking YES it is. See, Not everything has to be futuristic and have out of the world features sometimes what matter is “Aesthetics”

Sens is a really minimalistic looking ball point which is made out of Aircraft aluminium and seeing the Pen in photos and in person is completely different. The Finish and build quality of Sens is just phenomenal.

We don’t think writing a full review on a pen is very boring for you guys to read and especially it won’t do full justice to it. This is why we made a short video on the Pen that we would like you to see to get the key factors in mind. Hope you all enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 11.22.26 PM.pngVERGE  SENS


What do you think about this? Aesthetically in the comments below

#The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Pen You Should Buy Right Now