4 Huge Disappointing Video Game Sequels

It feels good when a sequel of a game surpasses the previous one in every expectation whether it is storytelling, Gameplay mechanics or technology. Sequels are just not supposed to be a continuation of the story Sequels have to manage a certain level of value that was created in the first one. Sometimes instead of improving the game developers just make the mess out of sequels and today we are exploring some of the most disappointing (NOT BAD) video games sequels of all time.



While there’s certainly a cathartic sense of enjoyment to be found in making light work of tens of thousands of zombies using the large and crazy array of weapons that are available in Dead Rising 4, the removal of campaign co-op, psychopaths being replaced by forgettable maniacs, and the lack of any challenge due to the removal of the in-game timer really highlight that the gameplay that is on offer is shallow. If you liked Dead Rising 3, you’ll no doubt find some sense of enjoyment in Dead Rising 4. For everyone else, it’s not going to convince you otherwise – TrueAchievements

Dead Rising 4 has deviated too much from its own traditions for me to give it a wholehearted recommendation. It now resembles a typical modern day third-person sandbox game, for what that’s worth. To be fair, I have a lot of fun with games like that, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with this game. But Dead Rising has come and gone, and has been replaced with something a little tamer and more accessible. – High-Def Digest



Unfortunately its also plagued by some rather serious design flaws that could’ve been solved if Capcom had taken a look at what the competition was doing. If you can look past that than you’ll enjoy this game, but you might have to deal with some frustration along the way. – Game Over Online

A lack of genuine innovation and the presence of persisting issues from the first game is unforgivable and frankly, we expected more. – Xbox Achievements

Lost Planet 2 has the potential to be a great game, but the different gameplay elements aren’t polished enough. So in the end, Lost Planet 2 is a mixture of a lot of stuff, but nothing in the mix is better then mediocre. – InsideGamer.nl



Mildly entertaining single player game but with limited replay value: limited and linear environment (basically one path through game), unskipable cut scenes and cloak just makes the game too easy (even on highest difficulty can get through killing everything with just knife, pistol and shotgun). – BlyddDrwg

The single player is great and I normally don’t play campaign mode but this one is very good. The multi-player is just retarded! If you move you’re dead, if you shoot someone you’re dead, if you use the power module you are visible, so you’re dead, if you use the camo/almost invisible thing it only last a few seconds then you’re dead. it’s the most frustrating multi-player I’ve ever seen – Kingprawn1

Disappointed in the graphics and the New York background is to close to reality where the original Crysis was on an Island where anything was possible. DX9 can still rip as the original showed. Dumbed down graphics to rush the game or because it’s a port of the console games. – crashman95446


asassinscreed 3.jpg

The game itself is actually pretty good, somewhere in between an 8.0 and 8.5. The problem is the poor optimization for PC’s. It’s not acceptable! I’m using an AMD 965 HD7970 (with newest drivers and game patch 1.04), yet I find my fps dropping to 15 while in Boston and similarly low in other populated/urbanized areas. Sigh – Metals

A boring entry into a typically great series. Connor is mostly unlikeable and the story swings in all directions while Connor moves from obviously bad decision to obviously bad decision. Storyline is predictable and too much time is spent between forest and sea. Gameplay is typical but the environment is poorly developed making the mechanics feel clunky anywhere outside of the city. jz36nj
This game bloody sucks, worst Assassin’s Creed game and just bloody poor design overall.. The save system as with all the other is crap. In most of the missions you have to complete EVERYTHING, including the bonus synchronization tasks, in one go…in other words if you mess up just once you have to start the mission from the very beginning no matter how close you were to completing it. – drachehexe
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#4 Huge Disappointing Video Game Sequels