What I Love About Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley, on the surface, is an adorable, relaxing farming sim reminiscent of the Harvest Moon series. But there is so much more to the game that makes it a deeper, more enjoyable experience. Here are some of the things that I love about Stardew Valley:

The Story

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The game begins with the death of your beloved grandfather. You then find yourself sitting in a cubicle at an oppressive, unfulfilling job. You open a letter to find out that your late grandfather has left you his farm in a town called Stardew Valley. You decide to quit your office job to take off to the country and start a new life as a farmer.

This really resonated with me. The feeling you get as you take off on a new adventure sticks with you and makes you wonder what life would be like in a lovely bucolic setting such as Stardew Valley.

The Community of Stardew Valley


In Stardew Valley the player isn’t just expected to farm, but also to form a connection with the community and help it grow. The player must complete tasks and give gifts to NPCs in order to further his/her relationship with them. If the player develops bonds with certain characters, he or she can receive gifts and even marry single characters. Each character is extremely well-written and dialogue is always engaging. Also, by bringing certain items to the run-down community center, the player can rebuild it and unlock more parts of the world.

The Presentation


The pixel-graphics of Stardew Valley are extremely well-done, and really instills within the player a sense of warmth and home. The people are colorful, the animals are adorable, heck even the crops are cute! I once found myself “aww-ing” over a little bok choy that I just plucked from the ground.

Not only do the graphics make the game enjoyable, but the sound effects are phenomenal as well. All of the music in the game is beautifully composed, and has a nostalgic, 8-bit sort of vibe to it. Even the noise that the game makes when the player plucks a fresh crop from the ground evokes a sense of satisfaction.

The Farming


Let’s not forget about the core of Stardew Valley which, of course, is the actual farming! There’s nothing like the payoff of carefully planning your farm, strategically placing scarecrows, painstakingly watering your plants every day (except for when it rains), and patiently waiting for the day that the seeds you planted become plants that you can now sell so that you can buy more seeds and grow your agricultural enterprise. Players also must harvest and mine for resources in order to build items like sprinklers, kegs, and also buildings like coops and barns. It is very satisfying to see your farm expand throughout the changing seasons.

Good Vibes


There’s always a deeper feeling that I feel after I walk away from a session in Stardew Valley. There is always this sense of growth, love, and togetherness that I get from playing it. I’m not just talking about the metaphor of growth from harvesting crops, but something closer to the heart. Through expanding my farm and helping out the local community,  I get a feeling that we, as humans, are always growing and moving forward, and that everything we do and every moment we share with other people has an impact on the world around us.

Stardew Valley leaves me feeling that we are more than the sum of our past and that life can always start up a new. Let me know what you think about Stardew Valley in the comments!

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