5 of the Best Strategy Games for the PC

If your the tactical, micro-managing type of person, you probably love strategy games. strategy games have long been a mainstay of PC gaming. Whether it’s real-time or turn-based, there is something for everyone in the wide genre of strategy games.

Here are my 5 favorites:



XCOM 2 is a turn-based strategy that takes place in a future where aliens have taken over Earth. You, as the commander, are tasked with building and organizing a team of alien-slaying commandos and carrying out strategic strikes to weaken the enemy alien army and take back Earth. As you level your soldiers, you have to make tough decisions, because if your soldier dies on the battlefield, they are gone forever. The game is full of tough tactical choices and is a unique experience every time.

“A superb sequel that improves on every aspect of the already excellent originals, and offers one of the most absorbing and unpredictable strategy experiences ever seen.” – Metro GameCentral

“Every choice, every death and every shot feels like it counts in XCOM 2 and it is this feeling of real consequence that makes for a truly remarkable strategy game – one that goes beyond its clever design decisions and the odd technical hiccup to create a tangible sense purpose and real emotion to your squad’s story. As an experience that puts you in control, lets you relish victories, forces you to truly mourn mistakes, and allows you to grow as a tactician against insurmountable odds, XCOM 2 is near faultless.” – Telegraph

“Firaxis gives us a master class about how to make a strategy game with good visuals and being accessible while remaining complex, challenging for the player and with a lot of deep gameplay elements.” – Hobby Consolas

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI


Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is a turn-based 4x strategy game on a grand scale. Lovers of board games like Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne will love this title. It’s a chess game unlike any other, with many different pieces and victory conditions.

“The most empowering and mentally stimulating turn-based game in recent memory, a game that can never be played on autopilot. To battle through Civ VI is to be engaged in a sim from beginning to end, never throwing away a turn – because you never ever want to, because you always want to play.” – New York Daily News

“Civilization VI has reached perfection inside the turn based strategy genre. Complex, addictive and with a very strong personality, Firaxis wants us to spend hundreds of hours in front of our PC.” – Areajugones

“Civilization VI is still the supreme deity of historical turn-based strategy games. Sure, there are a few technical issues. Load times can be lengthy, and multiplayer could definitely be a lot more stable. However, none of those problems are big enough issue to put a dent in Civilization VI’s armor. If you love the series, history, politics, and/or turn-based games, Civilization VI is a must own.” – Twinfinite

Total War: Warhammer


Total War: Warhammer is a mix between real-time and turn-based. The main campaign takes place on the world map where players must manage their settlements, armies, and agents. When you are engaged in combat, the game switches over to immense real-time combat on a grand scale. Players control massive armies with many different unit types. It’s a must-have for lovers of the genre.

“Warhammer convincingly teleports you into a fantasy universe where those miniatures that you used to spend weeks and months painting in anticipating of grand tabletop wargaming are able to come to life.” – Digitally Downloaded

“Creative Assembly has outdone themselves with the best concept for a Total War game since Rome with the biggest, varied and intriguing campaigns in the history of the franchise. The variety between the different races is enormous and the lore, upgrades and units are no slouch either. The tactical decisions you’re faced with are endlessly deep and everything looks stunning as well. This is a masterpiece.” – Power Unlimited

“By building on a strong foundation, it allows its players the freedom of determining their own destiny, with little in the way of flaws holding it back. Sure, I may have some grudges that may never be removed from the great book, but in the end, this is the best experience I’ve had, bar none, when it comes to real time strategy games.” – DarkStation

Cities: Skylines

maxresdefault (5).jpg

Gamers who loved the Sim City series will love Cities: Skylines. It is a modern take on the classic city-builder formula. Planning and watching your city grow is a nice reprieve from the massive wars and battles from other strategy games.

“This game managed to be everything I had hoped it would be and then some, with all the wonderful attention to little details and customization options. Fans of the genre wont want to miss this one.” – DarkStation

“The finest city builder in over a decade, Cities: Skylines’s few flaws are so minor I only noticed them after hours of enjoyment.” – The Escapist

“Cities: Skylines brings the city building genre back after its near demise from other series’ flawed game releases. The inclusion of large game maps, natural resources management, addictive progression system, and all of it running at a near-flawless technical performance make Cities: Skylines the new standard in city building games.” Gaming Nexus


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RimWorld is a game for the micro-managing junkie. You are tasked with forming a colony on randomly-generated planets. What sets this game apart is how it generates stories through different AI traits and situations. Every experience is unique, and that’s what keeps me coming back.

RimWorld is a sci-fi colony sim with dashes of Dwarf FortressFirefly, and The Sims, but that description doesn’t really do it justice. It’s a game about people run through a meat-grinder of insanely harsh conditions and the stories that emerge.” – Kotaku

“It’s all very well balanced and a lot of fun.” – Save or Quit

“In all, I feel this game is worth more than I paid for it. I expect that with future updates it could even withstand price hike, though obviously this wouldn’t be Ludeon’s best option. For now, I highly recommend RimWorld as an accessible alternative to Dwarf Fortress that retains the depth of the simulation genre.” – GamerPros

What are some of your favorite strategy games? Let me know in the comments!